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Hey Everyone,

We frequently get magnetized by the “new” shiny object and forget about all the blood sweat and tears we had already put in. Or better, we think that they don’t count for something and maybe they don’t as the future is not determined or influenced by the past or is it?

This is a brief notification to all followers of “” blog that to reach a grander audience and impact deeper obstacles at scale on the pathway to becoming masters at entrepreneurship, disruption, and change, I have transitioned to a more robust platform.

A platform that I can have more say in how I structure content. Kindly find me at

I look forward to serving you just as passionately as I had in the past.


Lee Kariuki

  • Dark days…
  • Uncertainty
  • long hours
  • miserable pay
  • abandonment 
  • skepticism
  • negativity

but the most heart breaking of them all, continuous failure day in day out! If you have worked as a research scientist, entrepreneurship doesn’t prepare you enough! Then the one idea out of all the fifty something you tried finally catches momentum! Then it all makes sense! All those dark days, all those tears, all those long hours finally finally make a difference to your clients in a major way, which in turn impacts your life in a major way! Then you say to yourself my nerves can’t stand the uncertainty again! My nerves can’t stand the thrill. Then deep down you know it’s a lie! You do it one more time! When you taste that drop of making a difference, it’s like an athlete with lean muscle on anaerobic respiration, the fat keeps on burning way after the exercise has stopped! This is my message to you….START now! Get that adrenalin rush! It is therapy, It is life! It is “effin” aaamaaazing!


The greatest dilemma in data analysis is determining what is noise and what is your signal. What is information and what is data. What is beneficial and what is waste. It rarely jumps at you and the only way to find the diamond in a rough is to have a tested sorting system. Then comes the bias and the personal experiences and the emotions all that interferes with the separation process.

One wise data analyst gave me some words of wisdom.

“Question the question and reject the answer”

May be too skeptical but the true sense of continuous improvement is to question the status quo. In true sense we never really know what is good and beneficial and what is detrimental. I’m just thinking, before our great great grandfathers and ancestors new what was nutritious food and what was poisonous, many many people died as a result. It’s the cost of a lesson. As you grow, you start developing certain elimination practices that quickly size up a situation and eliminates waste. That is growth and it only comes from exposure and training….not time. As more and more content is being pumped out majority of it is noise. Train yourself to determine what is the signal hidden within the noise!

Even your immunity needs to be trained determine what is a foreign attack and what is foreign benefit otherwise every time we eat, our immune system would attack the food. That’s why we have vaccines!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lee Kariuki

I respected it. I promoted it. I wrote a book on it and now in a less than two years, branding is officially dead. If you are a start up focusing on branding and market share you may want to read this piece. The way to grow a company is to focus on metrics. Engineers and statisticians are the new marketers. They make decisions based on iterative tests, tweeks and offers using as little as possible and in the shortest time possible. Three things important.

  1. Understanding product development with inbuilt marketing. Marketing is now a component of product development not an independent entity.
  2. Customer development which is based on creating a customer rather than enclosing them in a per-assumed category or demographic.
  3. It’s all about the test baby. Cheap efficient and direct. Mark you, all this is done before a product is even created.

Collectively this phenomenon has a word in Silicon Valley. Growth Hacking.

Stay put on how this can be incorporated in to your business right right now simply cheaply and effectively.


Lee Kariuki

One of the greatest sources of depression( scientists mentioned it had to do with MAO’s(mono-amine oxidase responsible for re-uptake of the happy chemicals Dopamine, Serotonin and the works!) Some say it’s genetic and most say it’s psychological.

After some research none of these root causes are wrong and i’m not saying sniff some cocaina to inhibit those MAO’s snatching your happiness! It’s a little bit of everything. MAO’s,psychology,environment..heck our whatever reason you look for unhappiness, trust me the world has plenty! Put it like this, you will run out of hair before you run out of reasons for being unhappy.

Once i read that happiness is a state of mind! I totally agree and no matter what you do in search for it you won’t find it! Partly because the fact that you’re looking for it means you lack it and that it’s not a part of you! Second you are looking in all the wrong places…that is in people,environment,toys, clothes heck even in drugs! If you going to look for anything start with yourself! Internally!

Finally the only way to be happy is simply to be happy for no absolute reason! Now once you remember how to be happy(it’s nothing but a trip down memory lane!) you can now do things because you are happy. Mark the distinction. It is because you are happy you do things and not you do things to be happy.

One way to display this happiness is to be thankful. Thankful for the opportunity to be here. Grateful for the place to sleep and the “food to chop for the belly” (simply means to eat) Thankful for my fiancee Wambui and grateful for my parents brothers sisters and friends! There is too much to be grateful for to put on one blog post but what matters the most is the feeling of appreciation!


Now you find something to be grateful for and acknowledge them or it NOW!



Lee Kariuki

The more he works the more he demands a higher pay but what he doesn’t know is that there is only so much that a bolt technician can be paid. He also doesn’t know that pay doesn’t scale very well with time and the two have a very minimal relationship. The more you put in doesn’t equate to the more you get out! The hardest working individuals get paid minimum wage! He won’t make a million dollars unless, he adds value to the process. By adding value, he finds a faster cheaper way to tighten bolts! He has been in the industry therefore knows what torque is needed to tighten a bolt to 120 nm or 90 ft-lbs and designs a machine that will cut time and energy. He invents an air impact gun with adjustable settings  to tighten the nuts which he then sells to fellow bolt technicians which then replaces his very valuable time tightening bolts to finding clients for his super awesome invention.

Now he is valuable and has leverage!

10 years experience means nothing! It could mean doing the wrong thing for 10 years and what matters more is the value added!

Lee Kariuki

As we maneuver through life drinking a latte or a triple shot espresso with an energy drink, we desire to be more and more productive. We believe that the more hours you put in the more productive or efficient you are. Quite the contrary, studies show that when you work on something and the solution just isn’t “coming”, your best bet is to sleep of it. The best ideas most entrepreneurs get is when they are doing something that has nothing to do with entrepreneurship. Of course that is just the first step! Then comes the market validation, the copy writing, the offer and the sale before you can get to “rich”

The super conscious is the most intelligent realm of creativity! All you have to do is throw it on there like a problem…(who are we kidding, it’s a problem!) and let it do the magic by doing other non related works like sleeping eating working out and the like! It shows that you trust your brain more! The 3 pound gadget your walking around with is extremely smart! If you don’t give it responsibility, it adapts accordingly!

Try it…Maybe you will end up “rich”

PS: Rich is a relative term and i believe that different people have different views on rich!



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