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You have no authority over the performance of your art and no one ever will. Rather than have nightmares over something you have little control over, the most humbling epiphany is the realization that true art has everything to do with it’s creation. The more you create it, the more it charts a pathway of it’s own, complimentary to your existence! No one really knows the formula! The fact that you’re looking for a formula means that you are not looking to create art!For art, has no formula! Art is like a river, it meanders to the curves and calling of the moment! Create it, then right before you become constipated about it’s performance, set it free! It was never yours in the first place and if you do get rewarded for it, distribute the rewards or they will come back to haunt you! This is the greatest curse of the gift of art! Let it go!You were never the creator,just the platform for it’s creation! This is my greatest secret to the creation of art!

Lee Kariuki


To all fans, readers and followers i would like to wish you a happy happy 2014 and a prosperous one at that. Now i should have written this post prior to the New Year but a had a family emergency to handle over the break. Anyway, i won’t take anymore of your time but will be brief and specific.

Time awaits no one and if there is something you want to do, do it. You will regret what you didn’t do than what you did! When you fail or experience a catastrophe it is one small bump relative to the other experiences in your life. Don’t put too much emphasis on it! Speak and negotiate from a position of strength and value rather than from fear. Now with that out of the way here is the strategy of setting goals.

The Strategy for setting goals

  1. When setting goals, start from where you are right now……that should be your start. I see people stating that they would like to loose weight in 2014 but that means nothing at all. Before you set that goal you need to measure where you are, then determine where you would like to be. The relativity aspect is always skipped and a goal without a reference point is no goal. It’s just a statement.
  2. Get specific. I am going to make more money in 2014. No sense in that either. The brain whether you know it or not is laughing at you as there are no specifics to it. So what does it do…Nothing! You haven’t inspired it to take any action yet due to your non specificity! I want to make 20,000 dollars extra in 4 months by writing a $ 23 book and then selling consultation at $ 247 in 2 hourly sessions. Very specific.
  3. Start with your values. When setting goals if your values and what you believe in are a disconnect with what you think you want to accomplish, you will fail miserably! I want to get married because Nancy and Judy are married is not a reflection of your values. I want to get married because i believe i have a lot to share, a lot to offer and would love to have a life long companion who will grow with me and have children together. Success is doing what you want to do not because you don’t want to be left out by Nancy and Judy.
  4. Map out a reverse action checklist. Start with the big goal, and work backwards all the way to the daily goal or even hourly goal if possible. The brain loves structure and the more structured you are the more likely you are to accomplish your goals.
  5. Write your goals out of power and creativity. Most goals are written from an egocentric standpoint of “need to”!  Very very wrong attitude when writing goals. The goals that you write should be from a place of child like enthusiasm and “let see what happens….”  after a huge suspension of disbelief. Remember the main secret of accomplishment is compounding action. If you start with a “need to” attitude, very soon your “why” will burnout and you will be abandoning goal after goal right smack in the middle. Get a good solid “why” and then set the goal and release a let see what will happen attitude with enthusiasm drive and happiness.
  6. Set goals that  are actionable with plenty of verbs. Write 10 pages a day. Bench 3 sets of 150 pounds every alternate day. While writing your goals if you don’t feel like doing what your writing at that exact time, then you will have a hard time accomplishing your goal. The secret is to use verbs that signal action when you read them.
  7. Have a daily checklist and preferably look at it the previous night right before you go to bed. That will put the goals in to your subconscious so that the next day when you wake up you already know exactly what to do. Your deeds should be leading to your becoming and what i mean by that is that what matters is not what you are doing, but who you are becoming by virtue of compounded action. It is the compounded action that makes a difference. The beauty of the checklist is when you cross out accomplished tasks……the dopa-mine release is amazing!
  8. If for some reason you are not able to accomplish all your goals on a certain day, do the one that will reinforce the feeling of “This day didn’t go to waste because i accomplished……” and that has the same impact as the cross out dopa-mine release.
  9. Review your goals every 7 days. This is what bridges the gap between “woo woo out there goals” and “goals that are actionable and making sense” You may need a partner or a guide who will sit with you and see what you can’t see or “normalize” he set goals to your abilities.  A lot of times we set goals that are too out there or are too safe because our brains are filled with fear of failure or fear of accomplishment.(yes there are many people who are scared of accomplishments!)
  10. Have fun. Lots of it. The journey must be as equally exiting as the destination. Most goals are set from a destination delayed excitement once goal is met mindset. That will drain you besides who wants to wait for the excitement at the end? I wan’t mine now while setting the goals!

Follow these rules and i can give you my word, you will not be disappointed at all. Yes eve if you work for the FTC.( I know how much you love disclaimers!)

With that Happy happy new year and go set a goal or something!

Lee Kariuki

Not knowledge, that’s a diminishing resource. soon everyone can have access to what you know.Not money either, when you factor inflation,taxes,volatility……tons can disappears fast.

So What Is It that’s making the world go round today?

The new currency is connections! Your network!

When Juliet’s mother passed away. Juliet was unemployed and needed financial and emotional assistance with funeral arrangements. Luckily Juliet had a local private invite-only  group she had started to help single mothers cope with unemployment. She would share coupons and survival  tips and where to get the best deals from diapers to side jobs. When she was hit with her loss, she decided to go where she only knew too well. Her group. Feeling empathy they decided to do an impromptu fund raiser and within 3 hours while comforting Juliet, each member contributed what the had and they raised a grand total of $10,452.20. Juliet was extremely grateful and humbled by the gesture. It wouldn’t have been possible if she didn’t have a network.She not only received the financial support she needed, she had people to rely on emotionally during her time of need.

Daniel was fired from his job for working on instructional videos that helped the company clients use the companies software. It was an ingenious idea that his boss couldn’t see the value in. To repay is initiatives, he was fired. Luckily, Daniel had pullulated a massive LinkedIn following by taking the same initiative and helping members with answers to questions from different groups about technology. All he had to do is post that he was fired and that was reason enough for him to attract interest from  his last companies competitors! They hired him and guess who is regretting that move as i type this? Certainly not Daniel!

Sean was a wonderful person. When his ex girlfriend dumped him, Sean put out a post he was single again and that was reason enough for one of his members cute senorita from Mexico City  who had secretly admired him to take charge. Sean got married in the summer of 2006 and is still happily married with two kids.

DISCLAIMER: Having a network is not a guarantee you will find love, money, comfort or support. It does though get you closer to finding those things that matter to you faster. It is part of who we inherently are. So rather than focusing on learning more and more information for once, focus on growing your network not to get something out of it, but to share. The sole reason how Daniel,Sean and Juliet were able to get help when they needed it most was not because they were in a network(that helped tremendously) but n addition to that, it was because they were givers first! It’s the 1st law of receipt!

Find someone today and give the most expensive gift of them all. Undivided no expectation attention!

Enjoy The Weekend!

Lee Kariuki

Mutume was a warrior living in a village in the heart of the jungle of Central Cameroon. Surrounded by dangerous animals, Mutume’s reflexes were as sharp as a Samurai sword. He was responsible for training males between 18 and 25 years of age to become stealthily fast and efficient when it comes to the skill of hunting. On his second son’s birthday, he decided to celebrate the occasion by drinking and sharing the lethal aged fermented tapped wine he had been storing under his shrine for 6 years. He passed on the gourd and made sure everyone took a gluttonous swig of the frothy potent beverage. By the grins of their faces as the men took a sip, it wasn’t hard to tell this was not a drink for virgin livers! It was barely dark and the fine warriors were already intoxicated.

As a sign of their manhood, Mutume and his group decided to contest in a rare extravaganza event of hunting exotic dangerous animals  as a display of their hunting prowess. The men that followed him were all  trained by Mutume therefore trusted Mutume’s lead. As they leaped quietly camouflaged in green to match the leafy environment, Mutume thought he had seen a lone tanned antelope! Without thought and barely seeing clearly from the palm wine effects,Mutume pursued the antelope based on the signal he was receiving! Only problem was that it wasn’t an Antelope but a 12 pack of enormously gigantic, hungry looking lions prowling for dinner!

Mutume’s group of 6 was no match to the 12 lions. Soweto (the 4th  member of the 6 man group) was as sober as a mountain climber on this particular night! Usually he would be the most drunk as he had the capacity of a whale and the tolerance of a grade school teacher! He had though, celebrated his cousins circumcision ceremony three nights ago and was still recovering from a piercing hangover hence thought it wise to participate  lightly in the debauchery!

Being the sober one of the 6,he thought he had seen lions rather than the lone Antelope in Mutume’s vision! Doubt checked in and due to the science of this thing called social proof  he thought otherwise! Besides if Mutume see’s an Antelope everyone in the village better see an Antelope! Follow the masses! In addition, majority wins and one out of five is a risky statistic despite the fact that the other 5 were painfully drunk!

That was his downfall! With spears drawn to 9 O’clock the men lurched in to combat only to be mauled to pieces by the outnumbered out prepared sober lions! Their screams could be heard by the women of the village who thought it was a celebration of their hunting accomplishments! Only person that was able to survive was Sebekule who was the youngest and the fastest of the group. He ran for help right after his hand had been bludgeoned by the canines of the hungry beasts! If only he had done it much sooner, he would have been the one typing this story! At least he lived to tell this story!

Which reminds of the wisdom in the statement by W. Somerset Maugham

“If fifty million people say something foolish, it is still foolish.”


Lee Kariuki

We have all experienced a time in our lives when we were sharp, brilliant witty and smart. With time,there is a natural deterioration of our skills, wit and sharpness and we wonder what happened? I’ll tell you what happened, job’s economy,marriage,children, the global economy, the recession, pep talk and everything under the sun.

The real reason though is that none of these caused the loss of consciousness of who we were or are! None of these factors are even responsible for  the person we are today!

See we tread along life wondering if we are making the right choices, choosing the right partner, working at the right job, heck wondering if we have even discovered who we are supposed to be.

The reality of the matter is that our main purpose is not to discover, it is to remember. Yes remember. Discovery has too much pressure. What if what you discover is the wrong thing? Is there a guarantee that you will find that satisfaction from your new discovery? Why are most discoveries short lived? The reason being that discovering takes a toll on you. It’s not even guaranteed that it will give you that fulfillment you are seeking and like a wise man once told me, once you reach a certain age, there is really nothing new under the sun, just new efficient ways of doing the same thing.

So rather than embarking on discovering, i heed you to embark on a journey of remembering what it was like and how it felt to be…….happy fulfilled and excited. When you were born you beat over 6 million potential sperms to connect to the egg that got you here. Does that remotely even describe how bad you wanted to be here? Not in words! Now that you are here what are you going to do about that? Your work as a child was to experience everything by observation or touching or even tasting and now that you are older, your work is to remember why you came here and prepare for the grand exit by leaving something greater than you behind!

On that note, depending on the direction headed it may be easier to push than to pull. Use the natural forces of nature, that is where your strength lies. Struggling is an indication of misalignment of what is natural and pure. Just BE….and an awesome transformation of becoming happens but all must start by first and foremost remembering back when….and of course..The Why!

Enjoy this Monday.

Lee Kariuki

In biochemistry, a buffer operates at that point where if there is a change in ph from acidic to basic or basic to acidic, the buffer counteracts to maintain the ph at a point around ph   7-1 or ph 7+1 . Why? Because a small shift in ph can have a drastic effect on the performance of many other enzymes and operations in our bodies.

So what is the analogy or relevance to life and especially employment? In life, there will be changes. You will be laid off or put in a different position not because of your own liking, but due to circumstances beyond your control and trust me there will always be circumstances beyond your control.The trick here is to behave like a buffer.

Quite frankly every business has a buffer in place. They may not call them buffers but they surely do behave as one. In investment economics they call it hedging, in strategic management they call it robustness testing, in chemistry they call if buffering, in engineering they call it sensitivity range….and so on and so forth.

How To buffer your career.

  1. You are the expert in your field. Where is change headed to? Anticipate it.
  2. Start small and consistent. Find the authorities and become involved.
  3. Always keep a cushioning account where you store your emergency income. Nothing spells doom like being broke after being laid off.
  4. Get in the habit of generating a secondary income using the skill you already have.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with being paranoid. Paranoia keeps you uncomfortable and also provides you with the energy needed to break the habit of conformity!

Have a paranoid day!

Lee Kariuki

The greatest myth about writing is that it is hard! The other is that it is confined and defined by the elite! So not true especially to the latter. Writing in my opinion is simply an activity of transferring energy. It is an art and a science at the same time. The purpose of writing is for the reader to read the entire article and take action based on the words used. If i and all the writers can do this, then we can say we are successful writers. It’s not about how many people read your article, but more important the impact of what it does to the reader upon reading the article.

With that said, must you write a book? The answer to that lies in the intention of your writing. The greatest thing about writing is that you can “become” who ever you want to become! You can figuratively get away with things you would not in real life yes including slapping your boss if it’s been a long term desire of yours! Before you embark on this beautiful journey, note that an enlightened conscious writer not only transforms his audience but gets transformed in the process. Quite frankly, everyone writes, but few transform and if your writing doesn’t transform you then it is very likely it won’t transform anyone else.

Now here is to some benefits of writing a book!

  • It is the best way to find a solution to a long term lingering problem. The brain works in fancy ways. If trained it goes from one point and charts out a pathway to follow without your intentional involvement. Try this exercise. Get a piece of paper and a pen and write down a problem that has been consuming you. Next draw a line and start writing possible solutions, then cross of the ones that are impractical. You have just experienced a process, most author’s start out with. Remember one thing, writers say i will write a book, authors say i have a problem that needs a solution and the realize they have a book in their hands! Very counter intuitive process!.  A good book is always a buy product of a problem solved, not the intention!
  • Doors open up! Yes there are millions and millions of books out there as there are struggling authors! The idea is not to write the book to make money as the driving factor(never ever do this i warn you…i learned the hard way!) Just like writing the book is not the main intention, money shouldn’t, it should be the by-product. It almost feels like more money is being made from by-products than from products and that is absolutely true in this economy! The reason many books or authors are struggling is because of the tunnel vision of writing a book and then stopping there! The work of the author starts after the book has been written, otherwise he is a writer. Speaking engagements,franchising,movies are all some f the doors that can be open if done correctly.
  • Authority. The audience follows the leader and there is no greater perception of a leader than one who has a published book in his craft. Yes there are many writers who deliberately write books to fake authority but there has never been a smarter audience than the audience of this era. We can tell who is real and who is fake. The beauty about it is that you don’t have to be the best you just have to be perceived as the best and to a great extent, know what you are talking about! Dr Phil is not the best psychologist heck maybe he went to school for psychology but truth be told, he is a better marketer than he is a psychologist otherwise he would be broke! The psychology didn’t get him where he is today, but the marketing of his psychology was ingenious and you can do the same. Beauty of it is that there is enough an audience for any career as long as…..that’s right you are amongst the top!
  • Purpose-This is the greatest reward of writing a book. You help millions and millions of people in the present and in the future. Don’t believe me… many books are still selling when their authors passed away years ago! Can you imagine solving a problem for the current and future generation? How much is that worth to you and not just in terms of money, but in terms of satisfaction even after your gone? Priceless. It’s all about the impact!

Now based on the information above, must you write a book?  The choice is yours and if you want help you can call me at

+1 917-408-3080 or email me at

Lee Kariuki


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