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You have no authority over the performance of your art and no one ever will. Rather than have nightmares over something you have little control over, the most humbling epiphany is the realization that true art has everything to do with it’s creation. The more you create it, the more it charts a pathway of it’s own, complimentary to your existence! No one really knows the formula! The fact that you’re looking for a formula means that you are not looking to create art!For art, has no formula! Art is like a river, it meanders to the curves and calling of the moment! Create it, then right before you become constipated about it’s performance, set it free! It was never yours in the first place and if you do get rewarded for it, distribute the rewards or they will come back to haunt you! This is the greatest curse of the gift of art! Let it go!You were never the creator,just the platform for it’s creation! This is my greatest secret to the creation of art!

Lee Kariuki


I was trying to shoot a piece of paper in to the garbage can. I thought it was going to be a clean shot. I aimed, pitched my arms and like a pro released the paper with no attachment to the outcome. It missed. It’s OK i told myself lets try it again my brain told me! Again i aimed, pitched and released on second try and this time something amazing happened! I still missed but touched the edge of the can! It’s OK i my mind repeated, try again! Picked up the paper went back to my position and tried again! Aimed, hands pitched and elevated a release again with no attachment to the outcome and this time, this time it finally went in! There is a huge fundamental lesson to learn here!

  1. It was just a game.
  2. It didn’t matter that i had to collect the paper from the floor every time i missed, i was having too much fun being challenged to get the paper in! Almost pissed it went in!
  3. I was not attached to the result of the paper whether it went in or out, there was an intuitive lesson i was acquiring along the way!

Here comes the analogy! In life, you will try many things like taking the paper and dunking it in a waste basket. Some will work(very few) majority will not work out! What matters are 3 things,

  1. Fun-is the path fun.
  2. Lesson-what are you learning?
  3. Where are you now and what is the end result or the destination?
  4. What is the control?

Are you having fun if you have a check mark we are good if not find something that is fun. When i say fun i am referring to how the activity and the result are challenging you! If they are not challenging then it is rare you will have fun! What is the lesson you are acquiring. The truth is activities teach us more about ourselves than about the people or the end result. Be keen to the lesson. Just like with every activity there is a start point and an end point Where are you currently? It doesn’t make sense to want the moon when you have no idea where you are! In thermodynamics, a compound’s state can be completely defined by any 2 of the three properties. Pressure, volume and or temperature. In strategy a persons vision can be defined by two properties current position(financial,emotional…etc) and intended destination!(financial,emotional….etc) The work of the strategy is to bridge the gap! Finally you will need a control whose sole purpose is to define how we will know that we are at the end! A lot of times at least in science we compare the end with a control which is parallel state of the same start point that did not go through the operation. It is mostly used for comparison sake!

One thing that i learned can’t remember for where is that the mind on first try is doing all kinds of calculations without your consciousness! Length, projectile, energy involved etc on first try. On second try it is doing some adjustments and that’s why the second try is called train up because it is usually better than the first but not as good to be the end result. Finally the third which is well adjusted to reach the end result is usually the optimized one for the result. In statistics, it is said that the more the iterations the closer you are to the true value! This of course is assuming that you have the right test and the right measurement! Anyway, the lesson to learn here is that sometimes before you wash you hands try anything at least 3 times and make sure you are having fun, you are learning a lesson, you know where you are and where you want to go and you have a way of knowing that you have reached your destination!


Enjoy the weekend!

Your best fit client whether it’s for  a job or a business is the one that:-

  1. You can help. If you cant help them then they are not your clients!
  2. He knows you can help them and recognizes the value. If you are the only one that knows you can help them and they don’t, again that’s not a best fit client.
  3. Trusts you. They may know that you can help them but they may not trust you to help them.
  4. They are your evangelists. They spread your message not because they want to make you rich and famous, but because they feel good sharing your message.
  5. They pay questions asked! At the beginning many entrepreneurs want to help the first client that comes through the door either due to enthusiasm and excitement and second to make sure you have some cash flow. Bad mistake. Hold on to you’re reserves while building your business! Not all clients need your help especially if you are not the best fit! It will end up stressing you and the other best fit clients who are willing and absorbent of your help!

How To Target The Best Fit Client

The greatest mistake that most marketers do is target clients based on demographics. Height,race,level of education,interests and so on! That was probably the best way of marketing back then but as the definition of a client changed, so did the marketing. It is true you can’t market to everyone, but also you can’t market to people based on their demographics! Why?

The fundamental reason is we are living in a volatile market. People’s demographics change everyday! Your interests change and so does your awareness and may be your level of education. So how do you market a set rigid product to a fluidic demographic that changes? You don’t!

You target their core values! What is most important to them! See on a surface level, everything is volatile but on a core level, everything is rigid! People’s values and morals are long lasting!(won’t say eternal as those could change but less frequently compared to interests and hobbies) Apple became one of the richest companies in the world due to one thing, targeting peoples inherent desire for change! Apple is not a software company inciting change, Apple is a “change company”(core value) that happens to make software! There is a difference. When potential clients hear their core values first in the marketing, it resonates with them and then they are less resistant when it comes to the transaction side! Disclaimer: The products also have to be good and serve their needs!

The Step By Step Process

  1. Start with the client! What are his core values!
  2. Create a content/product/service that mirrors the Values with a capital V of the client!(fulfill their core wants)
  3. Predict what heir next move is. They never tell you! You need to drill harder!
  4. Create products/content/service that addresses their next move before they even know it!(fulfilling their needs. also called innovation)

There you have it! It’s actually easier than it looks! Your challenge will probably be on step 3! One little secret process i learned is to ask one very specific question and then follow up with one drilling question and a statement! Here is an example!

What is your greatest challenge when it comes to (the specific action)?

The follow up drill statements

1. Tell me more…

2. Anything else…?

Enjoy Your weekend!

Lee Kariuki

The greatest myth about writing is that it is hard! The other is that it is confined and defined by the elite! So not true especially to the latter. Writing in my opinion is simply an activity of transferring energy. It is an art and a science at the same time. The purpose of writing is for the reader to read the entire article and take action based on the words used. If i and all the writers can do this, then we can say we are successful writers. It’s not about how many people read your article, but more important the impact of what it does to the reader upon reading the article.

With that said, must you write a book? The answer to that lies in the intention of your writing. The greatest thing about writing is that you can “become” who ever you want to become! You can figuratively get away with things you would not in real life yes including slapping your boss if it’s been a long term desire of yours! Before you embark on this beautiful journey, note that an enlightened conscious writer not only transforms his audience but gets transformed in the process. Quite frankly, everyone writes, but few transform and if your writing doesn’t transform you then it is very likely it won’t transform anyone else.

Now here is to some benefits of writing a book!

  • It is the best way to find a solution to a long term lingering problem. The brain works in fancy ways. If trained it goes from one point and charts out a pathway to follow without your intentional involvement. Try this exercise. Get a piece of paper and a pen and write down a problem that has been consuming you. Next draw a line and start writing possible solutions, then cross of the ones that are impractical. You have just experienced a process, most author’s start out with. Remember one thing, writers say i will write a book, authors say i have a problem that needs a solution and the realize they have a book in their hands! Very counter intuitive process!.  A good book is always a buy product of a problem solved, not the intention!
  • Doors open up! Yes there are millions and millions of books out there as there are struggling authors! The idea is not to write the book to make money as the driving factor(never ever do this i warn you…i learned the hard way!) Just like writing the book is not the main intention, money shouldn’t, it should be the by-product. It almost feels like more money is being made from by-products than from products and that is absolutely true in this economy! The reason many books or authors are struggling is because of the tunnel vision of writing a book and then stopping there! The work of the author starts after the book has been written, otherwise he is a writer. Speaking engagements,franchising,movies are all some f the doors that can be open if done correctly.
  • Authority. The audience follows the leader and there is no greater perception of a leader than one who has a published book in his craft. Yes there are many writers who deliberately write books to fake authority but there has never been a smarter audience than the audience of this era. We can tell who is real and who is fake. The beauty about it is that you don’t have to be the best you just have to be perceived as the best and to a great extent, know what you are talking about! Dr Phil is not the best psychologist heck maybe he went to school for psychology but truth be told, he is a better marketer than he is a psychologist otherwise he would be broke! The psychology didn’t get him where he is today, but the marketing of his psychology was ingenious and you can do the same. Beauty of it is that there is enough an audience for any career as long as…..that’s right you are amongst the top!
  • Purpose-This is the greatest reward of writing a book. You help millions and millions of people in the present and in the future. Don’t believe me… many books are still selling when their authors passed away years ago! Can you imagine solving a problem for the current and future generation? How much is that worth to you and not just in terms of money, but in terms of satisfaction even after your gone? Priceless. It’s all about the impact!

Now based on the information above, must you write a book?  The choice is yours and if you want help you can call me at

+1 917-408-3080 or email me at

Lee Kariuki

Bad breath? Halitosis perhaps? You have two options technically 3.

  1. Chew gum
  2. Floss
  3. See a dentist for deep tissue cleaning.

Depending on the resources available, these are all solutions but with different potentials. They all stop bad breath but their intensity differs. Chewing gum will give you the short term fix compared to dental flossing but deep tissue cleaning is the ultimate as it rids the gums of stuck food particles that have undergone fermentation, carbonation or sulfidation that is mainly responsible for bad breath!

Which takes me to the analogy of making money. We always have options.

  1. Jobbing( working for someone else!) using their systems. Employment
  2. Jobbing( working for someone else!) using your system     Solo-prenuer
  3. Sticky fingers! Daylight robbery.
  4. Investor(using money you had to make money to live on)

All the 4 processes give you money but their repercussions are different. Two things to note,

  1. There is no right or wrong method.
  2. Your always working for someone else. The only difference is who’s systems are you using?
  3. Making money is based on nothing but your values, emotions, knowledge environment and upbringing.

Some prefer to invest, others find that too risky and prefer to job using others systems while a good number prefer to solo-prenuer. Just like the breath problem, what intensity do you want face this issue?

The Choice is yours.


Lee Kariuki

It’s been almost 5 years since the great recession went in to action. Many people have  lost or changed at least one job within the last 5 years and more have lost businesses or have been forced to declare bankruptcy within the same time. It’s no secret that while other businesses are failing miserably, some are high rolling and recording some of their best profits ever realized. Before i get in to what these “high rolling” businesses are doing, let me first introduce you to a strategy i call “The Perpendicular Strategy” and here is the definition!

“The perpendicular strategy is the action of playing or becoming ignorant  for the sole purpose of taking action independent of bias. It’s principal purpose is to hedge on the very possible circumstance of “If we were to loose it all, what would we do…”  scenario and not from a branding strategy of being different but from a strategic style of being ignorant

Some companies have actually been pushing the limits by calling this innovation, but it goes a little beyond that. See innovation is all about creating problems that no one foresees and then providing stellar solutions. The Perpendicular strategy is all about seeing where the terrain is going and doing a 90 degree shift out of ignorance and hypothesis testing with minimal investment on resources to be used or by leveraging already existing infrastructure. Now to make this case even more transparent lets look at a case study!

One of the most successful entrepreneurs of the 20th century was Henry Ford who became famous not for inventing the automobile, but for commercializing it! Funny thing he figured out how to mass produce the car by breaking it into smaller pieces and using what is now known as the “assembly line” Where did he get this perpendicular line of thinking from? How about the meat packing industry!

Next, Netflix knew that people loved movies but hated late charges that Blockbuster was so notorious for! So what did they do? Combined an existing passion with existing infrastructure, the “mail service” and then created a “niche” business! To really push the pedal, they figured out how to deliver the product even  faster using a different delivery system, the internet! These two unique strategies, literally put blockbuster out of business!

While common sense dictates that we should get dividends from our investments, a lot of times those same investments be it a business, or a  relationship will drive us broke! It is psychological! It is emotion. Be willing to walk away whether things are good or not and leave behind the emotion!

So the question is when do you strategically think marginally and when do you continue with the current status quo?

Truth be told you should always be thinking strategically! Perpendicularly and de-marginally always! 3 main factors will kill your business and career just like the Roman and British empires ….complacency, comfort-ability and re-activity!

  1. Complacency-being content with what is and forgetting about what could be…
  2. Comfort-ability-thinking that what brought you here and now will take you there and then and finally…
  3. Re-activity- spinning all the resources to deal with arising crisis rather than allocating resources to predict future mishaps.

Finally here are 5 analysis questions to ponder on before you incorporate the perpendicular  system in your day to day activities!

  1. If i was to loose everything, where would i start. This forces you to only deal with what’s important.
  2. What is the minimum resource requirement to deliver the maximum benefit. Force multiplier strategy.
  3. Write down 60 most absurd ideas within 10 minutes everyday. Brainstorming on a time frame.
  4. What existing frameworks can you use to reduce the cost of strategy implementation.
  5. What prior myth in my industry must i completely be blind to before i start implementation!

To leave you with a point to ponder, Here is the fable about the two frogs longing for freedom. Both were caged in a jar and the only difference is that one had a lid while the other one didn’t. Every time the caged one tried to leap up high to get out of the cage,it bumped it’s head whereas the other one simply kept on jumping. It’s ignorance made him believe that he could do it. He added more stamina to his leap and his only dream was how he was going to leap out of the jar. The other one had bumped it’s head so many times that pain had become a secondary reflex. Rather than looking at the scenario from a perspective, that the lid had actually loosened up and that one more leap would have freed this poor frog, the frog thought about the pain it had amerced over time and finally gave up. The other frog with it’s marginal thinking and it’s perpendicular strategy leaped around the jar gathering momentum for the final gigantic leap which finally let him free!

Which frog are you?

PS. No frogs were harmed during the re-enactment of this fable.

He walks confidently over to the crowd, passes the distinguished guests all dressed in tuxedos and black suits. He had never been to an event like this and even more exhilarating  was that he was the one giving the speech. As he stepped up to the podium, the adrenaline his body was producing was enough to make a dead man resurrect to life. Sweaty arms, sweaty forehead as the lights blinded him, he knew he was nervous and couldn’t dare let the audience notice it, but they did and he knew it! He also knew that he couldn’t let this bother him and a loud firm voice from the back of his head resonated with him and said “Relax child, you’ve been  here before in mind and in spirit” and almost simultaneously  he felt a calm peaceful comfort overcome him! He was in the zone and it was his time to shine. The rest they say is history but sources present at the event say it was the most memorable speech they had ever experienced in the history of the company. The young man received a standing ovation.

What the audience didn’t know was that Justin had been practicing this same speech for over 3 months. He started with understanding his audience. Then he scripted the exact speech he was going to present by crafting a story. He had known that stats were exciting but a story was memorable. Then for three months he stood in front of a mirror initially by reading his edited speech and then  memorizing it and eventually resonating with to the point where it felt like it came from his heart. His body posture, his eye contact with the audience, his dramatic pose for emphasis was extremely entertaining and educational. He had become a master and when he completed his speech, everyone was moved to take action.

The only purpose of a speech is for your audience to take quantifiable action and that can only be accomplished by resonating energy with a frequency that matches your audience.

The Rules.

  1. Forget discipline, start with enthusiasm.
  2. Find the least that needs to be done to tip the scales.
  3. Consistency is where the power really lies
  4. Imagination to picture the end result and nothing else.
  5. Incredible focus…anything that is not complementing is distracting.
  6. Fun. You must have fun!

Lee Kariuki

PS: Half done project trumps an excellent undone idea!


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