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Mutume was a warrior living in a village in the heart of the jungle of Central Cameroon. Surrounded by dangerous animals, Mutume’s reflexes were as sharp as a Samurai sword. He was responsible for training males between 18 and 25 years of age to become stealthily fast and efficient when it comes to the skill of hunting. On his second son’s birthday, he decided to celebrate the occasion by drinking and sharing the lethal aged fermented tapped wine he had been storing under his shrine for 6 years. He passed on the gourd and made sure everyone took a gluttonous swig of the frothy potent beverage. By the grins of their faces as the men took a sip, it wasn’t hard to tell this was not a drink for virgin livers! It was barely dark and the fine warriors were already intoxicated.

As a sign of their manhood, Mutume and his group decided to contest in a rare extravaganza event of hunting exotic dangerous animals  as a display of their hunting prowess. The men that followed him were all  trained by Mutume therefore trusted Mutume’s lead. As they leaped quietly camouflaged in green to match the leafy environment, Mutume thought he had seen a lone tanned antelope! Without thought and barely seeing clearly from the palm wine effects,Mutume pursued the antelope based on the signal he was receiving! Only problem was that it wasn’t an Antelope but a 12 pack of enormously gigantic, hungry looking lions prowling for dinner!

Mutume’s group of 6 was no match to the 12 lions. Soweto (the 4th  member of the 6 man group) was as sober as a mountain climber on this particular night! Usually he would be the most drunk as he had the capacity of a whale and the tolerance of a grade school teacher! He had though, celebrated his cousins circumcision ceremony three nights ago and was still recovering from a piercing hangover hence thought it wise to participate  lightly in the debauchery!

Being the sober one of the 6,he thought he had seen lions rather than the lone Antelope in Mutume’s vision! Doubt checked in and due to the science of this thing called social proof  he thought otherwise! Besides if Mutume see’s an Antelope everyone in the village better see an Antelope! Follow the masses! In addition, majority wins and one out of five is a risky statistic despite the fact that the other 5 were painfully drunk!

That was his downfall! With spears drawn to 9 O’clock the men lurched in to combat only to be mauled to pieces by the outnumbered out prepared sober lions! Their screams could be heard by the women of the village who thought it was a celebration of their hunting accomplishments! Only person that was able to survive was Sebekule who was the youngest and the fastest of the group. He ran for help right after his hand had been bludgeoned by the canines of the hungry beasts! If only he had done it much sooner, he would have been the one typing this story! At least he lived to tell this story!

Which reminds of the wisdom in the statement by W. Somerset Maugham

“If fifty million people say something foolish, it is still foolish.”


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