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How I Missed The Mark On Got It On Three….

Posted on: February 8, 2014

I was trying to shoot a piece of paper in to the garbage can. I thought it was going to be a clean shot. I aimed, pitched my arms and like a pro released the paper with no attachment to the outcome. It missed. It’s OK i told myself lets try it again my brain told me! Again i aimed, pitched and released on second try and this time something amazing happened! I still missed but touched the edge of the can! It’s OK i my mind repeated, try again! Picked up the paper went back to my position and tried again! Aimed, hands pitched and elevated a release again with no attachment to the outcome and this time, this time it finally went in! There is a huge fundamental lesson to learn here!

  1. It was just a game.
  2. It didn’t matter that i had to collect the paper from the floor every time i missed, i was having too much fun being challenged to get the paper in! Almost pissed it went in!
  3. I was not attached to the result of the paper whether it went in or out, there was an intuitive lesson i was acquiring along the way!

Here comes the analogy! In life, you will try many things like taking the paper and dunking it in a waste basket. Some will work(very few) majority will not work out! What matters are 3 things,

  1. Fun-is the path fun.
  2. Lesson-what are you learning?
  3. Where are you now and what is the end result or the destination?
  4. What is the control?

Are you having fun if you have a check mark we are good if not find something that is fun. When i say fun i am referring to how the activity and the result are challenging you! If they are not challenging then it is rare you will have fun! What is the lesson you are acquiring. The truth is activities teach us more about ourselves than about the people or the end result. Be keen to the lesson. Just like with every activity there is a start point and an end point Where are you currently? It doesn’t make sense to want the moon when you have no idea where you are! In thermodynamics, a compound’s state can be completely defined by any 2 of the three properties. Pressure, volume and or temperature. In strategy a persons vision can be defined by two properties current position(financial,emotional…etc) and intended destination!(financial,emotional….etc) The work of the strategy is to bridge the gap! Finally you will need a control whose sole purpose is to define how we will know that we are at the end! A lot of times at least in science we compare the end with a control which is parallel state of the same start point that did not go through the operation. It is mostly used for comparison sake!

One thing that i learned can’t remember for where is that the mind on first try is doing all kinds of calculations without your consciousness! Length, projectile, energy involved etc on first try. On second try it is doing some adjustments and that’s why the second try is called train up because it is usually better than the first but not as good to be the end result. Finally the third which is well adjusted to reach the end result is usually the optimized one for the result. In statistics, it is said that the more the iterations the closer you are to the true value! This of course is assuming that you have the right test and the right measurement! Anyway, the lesson to learn here is that sometimes before you wash you hands try anything at least 3 times and make sure you are having fun, you are learning a lesson, you know where you are and where you want to go and you have a way of knowing that you have reached your destination!


Enjoy the weekend!


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