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Happy 2014 and 7 Goal Setting Strategies

Posted on: January 3, 2014

To all fans, readers and followers i would like to wish you a happy happy 2014 and a prosperous one at that. Now i should have written this post prior to the New Year but a had a family emergency to handle over the break. Anyway, i won’t take anymore of your time but will be brief and specific.

Time awaits no one and if there is something you want to do, do it. You will regret what you didn’t do than what you did! When you fail or experience a catastrophe it is one small bump relative to the other experiences in your life. Don’t put too much emphasis on it! Speak and negotiate from a position of strength and value rather than from fear. Now with that out of the way here is the strategy of setting goals.

The Strategy for setting goals

  1. When setting goals, start from where you are right now……that should be your start. I see people stating that they would like to loose weight in 2014 but that means nothing at all. Before you set that goal you need to measure where you are, then determine where you would like to be. The relativity aspect is always skipped and a goal without a reference point is no goal. It’s just a statement.
  2. Get specific. I am going to make more money in 2014. No sense in that either. The brain whether you know it or not is laughing at you as there are no specifics to it. So what does it do…Nothing! You haven’t inspired it to take any action yet due to your non specificity! I want to make 20,000 dollars extra in 4 months by writing a $ 23 book and then selling consultation at $ 247 in 2 hourly sessions. Very specific.
  3. Start with your values. When setting goals if your values and what you believe in are a disconnect with what you think you want to accomplish, you will fail miserably! I want to get married because Nancy and Judy are married is not a reflection of your values. I want to get married because i believe i have a lot to share, a lot to offer and would love to have a life long companion who will grow with me and have children together. Success is doing what you want to do not because you don’t want to be left out by Nancy and Judy.
  4. Map out a reverse action checklist. Start with the big goal, and work backwards all the way to the daily goal or even hourly goal if possible. The brain loves structure and the more structured you are the more likely you are to accomplish your goals.
  5. Write your goals out of power and creativity. Most goals are written from an egocentric standpoint of “need to”!  Very very wrong attitude when writing goals. The goals that you write should be from a place of child like enthusiasm and “let see what happens….”  after a huge suspension of disbelief. Remember the main secret of accomplishment is compounding action. If you start with a “need to” attitude, very soon your “why” will burnout and you will be abandoning goal after goal right smack in the middle. Get a good solid “why” and then set the goal and release a let see what will happen attitude with enthusiasm drive and happiness.
  6. Set goals that  are actionable with plenty of verbs. Write 10 pages a day. Bench 3 sets of 150 pounds every alternate day. While writing your goals if you don’t feel like doing what your writing at that exact time, then you will have a hard time accomplishing your goal. The secret is to use verbs that signal action when you read them.
  7. Have a daily checklist and preferably look at it the previous night right before you go to bed. That will put the goals in to your subconscious so that the next day when you wake up you already know exactly what to do. Your deeds should be leading to your becoming and what i mean by that is that what matters is not what you are doing, but who you are becoming by virtue of compounded action. It is the compounded action that makes a difference. The beauty of the checklist is when you cross out accomplished tasks……the dopa-mine release is amazing!
  8. If for some reason you are not able to accomplish all your goals on a certain day, do the one that will reinforce the feeling of “This day didn’t go to waste because i accomplished……” and that has the same impact as the cross out dopa-mine release.
  9. Review your goals every 7 days. This is what bridges the gap between “woo woo out there goals” and “goals that are actionable and making sense” You may need a partner or a guide who will sit with you and see what you can’t see or “normalize” he set goals to your abilities.  A lot of times we set goals that are too out there or are too safe because our brains are filled with fear of failure or fear of accomplishment.(yes there are many people who are scared of accomplishments!)
  10. Have fun. Lots of it. The journey must be as equally exiting as the destination. Most goals are set from a destination delayed excitement once goal is met mindset. That will drain you besides who wants to wait for the excitement at the end? I wan’t mine now while setting the goals!

Follow these rules and i can give you my word, you will not be disappointed at all. Yes eve if you work for the FTC.( I know how much you love disclaimers!)

With that Happy happy new year and go set a goal or something!

Lee Kariuki


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