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The “Off On A Tangent” Strategy Of Solving Problems

Posted on: October 8, 2013

What seems unrelated always couples up in the end with profound meaning intensity and purpose. The law o counter intuition states that things we expect to happen rarely happen as planned with a sense of questionable logic! Experiments that become wildly successful are the ones that no bias or preconceived knowledge was accessible. There were no assumptions. If an assumption has to be made, then a bias has been introduced.

The most complex of problems are solved when one is not really proactively thinking about the problem. The discovery of gravity was accomplished by sitting under a tree to to discover gravity but to take a power nap under the shade. All those unrelated “useless” endeavors that you encountered or pursued while growing up merge in a beautiful collage to create one of your greatest creations and only at the merging point do they all make sense.

It is pointless to follow or listen to people who advise you to stick to one thing when your hearts fulfillment and passion are not up to the task! It is also pointless to choose one thing when we internally are the embodiment of many minute independent systems that work together for the overall goal of the larger picture, the body.

When faced with a dilemma, don’t dwell on it! Instead do the most counter intuitive thing and there lies a solution. Henry Ford one of Americas great entrepreneurs solved a auto supply pipeline problem by observing a complete unrelated industry, the meat industry! If you have a business problem, go study biology! If you have an emotional problem, go study mathematics! The more polarized the better that is the more left and right brained apart, the better to finding the solution!

Test and Enjoy!

Lee Kariuki


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