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The Number One Evangelist

Posted on: September 18, 2013

I am shocked. Flabberglasted. Deeply astounded and astonished. Targeting evangelists is a noble thing and a beautiful marketing strategy. The first 100 will determine if your business gathers traction. What that means in lay man terms is that after the first 100 prospects interact with your business and they have not acted, then it is time to pivot.(change the course of the hypothesis) Then even before we get in to the interaction of the first 100, there is an evangelist in the room that everyone takes for granted.

The Creator!

He is charged with the greatest responsibility of effectively communicating the hypothesis in terms that can be understood easily by the end users and potential evangelists! If his or her message is watery the mark is missed and if the message is too complex, the boat has sailed.

The True Test.

Before you even embark on testing any idea, ask this fundamental question am i enthused about promoting this idea? If the answer is a gigantic NO then leave the elephant alone. It will weigh you down. Having watched episodes of the pitching TV series “The Shark Tank” one fundamental property of what gets the venture capitalists on board is the energy and enthusiasm of the pitch prospect. If you can’t be excited about your product, short of curing cancer, your product will be a potential miss! This is in no way to say that being an enthused evangelist alone will make you successful…..nope. Many variables have to match but if i was to start somewhere, i would start with what captures my heart and soul and then what the market wants! This is in no way a contradiction to what i have always preached….(start with the end user) It’s a fabrication. For longevity of your business, start with the end user with reference to something that resonates with who you are!


That’s it!

Remember, you are the number one evangelist of your product and if you are not excited….how do you expect to excite the first 100?

Lee Kariuki


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