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The New Currency part 1

Posted on: August 8, 2013

Not knowledge, that’s a diminishing resource. soon everyone can have access to what you know.Not money either, when you factor inflation,taxes,volatility……tons can disappears fast.

So What Is It that’s making the world go round today?

The new currency is connections! Your network!

When Juliet’s mother passed away. Juliet was unemployed and needed financial and emotional assistance with funeral arrangements. Luckily Juliet had a local private invite-only  group she had started to help single mothers cope with unemployment. She would share coupons and survival  tips and where to get the best deals from diapers to side jobs. When she was hit with her loss, she decided to go where she only knew too well. Her group. Feeling empathy they decided to do an impromptu fund raiser and within 3 hours while comforting Juliet, each member contributed what the had and they raised a grand total of $10,452.20. Juliet was extremely grateful and humbled by the gesture. It wouldn’t have been possible if she didn’t have a network.She not only received the financial support she needed, she had people to rely on emotionally during her time of need.

Daniel was fired from his job for working on instructional videos that helped the company clients use the companies software. It was an ingenious idea that his boss couldn’t see the value in. To repay is initiatives, he was fired. Luckily, Daniel had pullulated a massive LinkedIn following by taking the same initiative and helping members with answers to questions from different groups about technology. All he had to do is post that he was fired and that was reason enough for him to attract interest from  his last companies competitors! They hired him and guess who is regretting that move as i type this? Certainly not Daniel!

Sean was a wonderful person. When his ex girlfriend dumped him, Sean put out a post he was single again and that was reason enough for one of his members cute senorita from Mexico City  who had secretly admired him to take charge. Sean got married in the summer of 2006 and is still happily married with two kids.

DISCLAIMER: Having a network is not a guarantee you will find love, money, comfort or support. It does though get you closer to finding those things that matter to you faster. It is part of who we inherently are. So rather than focusing on learning more and more information for once, focus on growing your network not to get something out of it, but to share. The sole reason how Daniel,Sean and Juliet were able to get help when they needed it most was not because they were in a network(that helped tremendously) but n addition to that, it was because they were givers first! It’s the 1st law of receipt!

Find someone today and give the most expensive gift of them all. Undivided no expectation attention!

Enjoy The Weekend!

Lee Kariuki


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