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Step By Step Process Of Attracting Your Best Fit Client.

Posted on: July 25, 2013

Your best fit client whether it’s for  a job or a business is the one that:-

  1. You can help. If you cant help them then they are not your clients!
  2. He knows you can help them and recognizes the value. If you are the only one that knows you can help them and they don’t, again that’s not a best fit client.
  3. Trusts you. They may know that you can help them but they may not trust you to help them.
  4. They are your evangelists. They spread your message not because they want to make you rich and famous, but because they feel good sharing your message.
  5. They pay questions asked! At the beginning many entrepreneurs want to help the first client that comes through the door either due to enthusiasm and excitement and second to make sure you have some cash flow. Bad mistake. Hold on to you’re reserves while building your business! Not all clients need your help especially if you are not the best fit! It will end up stressing you and the other best fit clients who are willing and absorbent of your help!

How To Target The Best Fit Client

The greatest mistake that most marketers do is target clients based on demographics. Height,race,level of education,interests and so on! That was probably the best way of marketing back then but as the definition of a client changed, so did the marketing. It is true you can’t market to everyone, but also you can’t market to people based on their demographics! Why?

The fundamental reason is we are living in a volatile market. People’s demographics change everyday! Your interests change and so does your awareness and may be your level of education. So how do you market a set rigid product to a fluidic demographic that changes? You don’t!

You target their core values! What is most important to them! See on a surface level, everything is volatile but on a core level, everything is rigid! People’s values and morals are long lasting!(won’t say eternal as those could change but less frequently compared to interests and hobbies) Apple became one of the richest companies in the world due to one thing, targeting peoples inherent desire for change! Apple is not a software company inciting change, Apple is a “change company”(core value) that happens to make software! There is a difference. When potential clients hear their core values first in the marketing, it resonates with them and then they are less resistant when it comes to the transaction side! Disclaimer: The products also have to be good and serve their needs!

The Step By Step Process

  1. Start with the client! What are his core values!
  2. Create a content/product/service that mirrors the Values with a capital V of the client!(fulfill their core wants)
  3. Predict what heir next move is. They never tell you! You need to drill harder!
  4. Create products/content/service that addresses their next move before they even know it!(fulfilling their needs. also called innovation)

There you have it! It’s actually easier than it looks! Your challenge will probably be on step 3! One little secret process i learned is to ask one very specific question and then follow up with one drilling question and a statement! Here is an example!

What is your greatest challenge when it comes to (the specific action)?

The follow up drill statements

1. Tell me more…

2. Anything else…?

Enjoy Your weekend!

Lee Kariuki


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