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How To Inspire Your Audience To Action

Posted on: July 19, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words! A metaphor is worth a thousand pictures! Pictures are effective and get the attention of your audience but metaphors get the audience transformed and there is a difference!

A true linguist receives a standing ovation, an effective orator incites action! Which one would you rather be? The true linguist or the effective orator? There is a simple three step formula that you can incorporate right now in your communication to inspire action.

Mindest and strategy! Mindset covers the why, strategy the how!


  • They must internally understand what you are talking about without you having to explain too much! In short, the message must already lie within them! It’s so amazing how people forget this fundamental requirement! You could have the best most inspiring speech on earth but if your talking to a bull, you are wasting both your time and the bulls who would rather chew the cud!
  • You must see their  world through their current  filters and inspire them on what they could see if they changed their filters! In short you must paint the picture on their behalf after acknowledging their current picture  so they can see the same picture you are seeing.
  • The message must be simple to follow! If it is complicated no one will follow! Martin had a dream and all he was asking is for you to have a dream first! It’s very easy to dream! If Martin said i have a strategy that word may have scared some people! He had a dream!


  • Questions-pattern interrupt! When you ask a question, you throw the brain in to a loop that will force the person hearing the question to look for an answer! Kids get it by asking one simple question….Why? and the funny thing we always try to answer the question forgetting the kid (a lot of times!) doesn’t really care for the answer, they just want to delay/distract the instruction given.
  • Metaphors- connection. When one says hard that has no value in our frame of minds. It doesn’t mean anything but the minute you say hard as Jemima’s hair or hard as steel, now we can visualize! We paint the picture ourselves which is way more effective then when you paint the picture for us!
  • Story- This activates the right side of the brain and you can’t resist it! We are inherently suckers for a good story! There is not enough stories for the demand that exists! Once upon a time will always get attention! You have to use this at every turn you get!

Enjoy The Friday!



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