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Must You Write A Book?

Posted on: May 3, 2013

The greatest myth about writing is that it is hard! The other is that it is confined and defined by the elite! So not true especially to the latter. Writing in my opinion is simply an activity of transferring energy. It is an art and a science at the same time. The purpose of writing is for the reader to read the entire article and take action based on the words used. If i and all the writers can do this, then we can say we are successful writers. It’s not about how many people read your article, but more important the impact of what it does to the reader upon reading the article.

With that said, must you write a book? The answer to that lies in the intention of your writing. The greatest thing about writing is that you can “become” who ever you want to become! You can figuratively get away with things you would not in real life yes including slapping your boss if it’s been a long term desire of yours! Before you embark on this beautiful journey, note that an enlightened conscious writer not only transforms his audience but gets transformed in the process. Quite frankly, everyone writes, but few transform and if your writing doesn’t transform you then it is very likely it won’t transform anyone else.

Now here is to some benefits of writing a book!

  • It is the best way to find a solution to a long term lingering problem. The brain works in fancy ways. If trained it goes from one point and charts out a pathway to follow without your intentional involvement. Try this exercise. Get a piece of paper and a pen and write down a problem that has been consuming you. Next draw a line and start writing possible solutions, then cross of the ones that are impractical. You have just experienced a process, most author’s start out with. Remember one thing, writers say i will write a book, authors say i have a problem that needs a solution and the realize they have a book in their hands! Very counter intuitive process!.  A good book is always a buy product of a problem solved, not the intention!
  • Doors open up! Yes there are millions and millions of books out there as there are struggling authors! The idea is not to write the book to make money as the driving factor(never ever do this i warn you…i learned the hard way!) Just like writing the book is not the main intention, money shouldn’t, it should be the by-product. It almost feels like more money is being made from by-products than from products and that is absolutely true in this economy! The reason many books or authors are struggling is because of the tunnel vision of writing a book and then stopping there! The work of the author starts after the book has been written, otherwise he is a writer. Speaking engagements,franchising,movies are all some f the doors that can be open if done correctly.
  • Authority. The audience follows the leader and there is no greater perception of a leader than one who has a published book in his craft. Yes there are many writers who deliberately write books to fake authority but there has never been a smarter audience than the audience of this era. We can tell who is real and who is fake. The beauty about it is that you don’t have to be the best you just have to be perceived as the best and to a great extent, know what you are talking about! Dr Phil is not the best psychologist heck maybe he went to school for psychology but truth be told, he is a better marketer than he is a psychologist otherwise he would be broke! The psychology didn’t get him where he is today, but the marketing of his psychology was ingenious and you can do the same. Beauty of it is that there is enough an audience for any career as long as…..that’s right you are amongst the top!
  • Purpose-This is the greatest reward of writing a book. You help millions and millions of people in the present and in the future. Don’t believe me… many books are still selling when their authors passed away years ago! Can you imagine solving a problem for the current and future generation? How much is that worth to you and not just in terms of money, but in terms of satisfaction even after your gone? Priceless. It’s all about the impact!

Now based on the information above, must you write a book?  The choice is yours and if you want help you can call me at

+1 917-408-3080 or email me at

Lee Kariuki


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