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Dream Job Versus Day Job.

Posted on: April 30, 2013

Alarming and the stats tell the story. Somewhere in the realm of 70% of individuals loathe their jobs. What that means is that if you were to take money out of the equation,7/10 of individuals would leave. In a study i did form the book “Redefine Work” millions of dollars are lost in productivity due to employees having no to little interest in what they do.

Two reasons.

  1. CONFORMITY-We accept what is handed to us and get in to the cycle of working hard enough to stay employed but not any harder than what is paid to us.
  2. DREAM JOB ASPIRATIONS-Working just enough to fulfill the dream job.
  3. NON CHALLENGING WORK-Being there to be there
  4. INCONSEQUENTIAL WHY-No solid reason to work

Number one is just straight terrible because you have no formal back up plan and when you do  get the axe you have nothing to fall back on. Number two on the other hand is the route most start up soloprenuers take while perfecting their craft.

The next statement is about to blow away your mind if you chose number two. From my experience as a soloprenuer, two is better than one but two’s attitude is the worst attitude to have while working your day job! Here is the question i pose to you,

Do you think you can give your all at your dream job and simply turn off your attention when it comes to your day job?

It’s like hating your daytime customers  and then loving the dream job ones or having a stink attitude at work and then expecting to be a happy joyful camper at home. Attitude’s morals and values are very much transferable. If you have a stink attitude at work, you will have it at home too. If you are doing the minimal at your day job, same thing applies or will apply to your dream job. WE ARE CHARACTERS OF HABIT. What you practice at your day job, you transfer to your dream job.

So instead of having that worthless “i’m better than you” attitude, calm your behind down and work like you like your job. Treat all with respect. You may not love your job, but it’s good enough to like it to fuel your dream job. Focus on the aspects about your job that you love. If you hate everything about your job then quit right right now…..don’t waste any additional second as it might be detrimental to your health.

Finally look at your job as a silent partner.It is fueling your learning process linearly or non-linearly to act on your dream job so show some respect. You will learn about time management, customer acquisition, conflict resolution and most important funds management. If someone is willing to teach you these important lessons and pay you at their expense, i say jump on it, they are your partner and really want you to succeed!

Have a laborious intensive day.

Lee Kariuki


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