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The Compounding Effect..How Young Turk’s Became Exceptional!

Posted on: March 20, 2013

He walks confidently over to the crowd, passes the distinguished guests all dressed in tuxedos and black suits. He had never been to an event like this and even more exhilarating  was that he was the one giving the speech. As he stepped up to the podium, the adrenaline his body was producing was enough to make a dead man resurrect to life. Sweaty arms, sweaty forehead as the lights blinded him, he knew he was nervous and couldn’t dare let the audience notice it, but they did and he knew it! He also knew that he couldn’t let this bother him and a loud firm voice from the back of his head resonated with him and said “Relax child, you’ve been  here before in mind and in spirit” and almost simultaneously  he felt a calm peaceful comfort overcome him! He was in the zone and it was his time to shine. The rest they say is history but sources present at the event say it was the most memorable speech they had ever experienced in the history of the company. The young man received a standing ovation.

What the audience didn’t know was that Justin had been practicing this same speech for over 3 months. He started with understanding his audience. Then he scripted the exact speech he was going to present by crafting a story. He had known that stats were exciting but a story was memorable. Then for three months he stood in front of a mirror initially by reading his edited speech and then  memorizing it and eventually resonating with to the point where it felt like it came from his heart. His body posture, his eye contact with the audience, his dramatic pose for emphasis was extremely entertaining and educational. He had become a master and when he completed his speech, everyone was moved to take action.

The only purpose of a speech is for your audience to take quantifiable action and that can only be accomplished by resonating energy with a frequency that matches your audience.

The Rules.

  1. Forget discipline, start with enthusiasm.
  2. Find the least that needs to be done to tip the scales.
  3. Consistency is where the power really lies
  4. Imagination to picture the end result and nothing else.
  5. Incredible focus…anything that is not complementing is distracting.
  6. Fun. You must have fun!

Lee Kariuki

PS: Half done project trumps an excellent undone idea!


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