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The True Terminal Hidden Currency

Posted on: March 7, 2013

As most businesses focus on creating value(not such a bad start) more will focus on getting attention by hooks or crooking the hook, but the ones that thrive understand that the most valuable currency besides attention is trust. In an era where cooperate crooks, government officials and snake oil salesmen are no longer trust worthy, in an era where even the news is not consistent across different news outlets and finally in an era where Time the magazine that dominated news for almost 50 years finally closes down it shows that we the society have become a society of skeptics. We research motive and intention like it’s 2nd nature and distrust anyone that goes through lengths of justifying themselves, yet sometimes they maybe telling the truth. The truth and trust are all based on experiences and that no one can change externally. Here is the only variable that you as an individual can change, perception. It is through the change in how you are perceived can you get someone to trust you. It is through doing without doing! How do you get your kids to hate something? Tell them it’s good for them. Spinach, water, egg whites….they loathe these “good” things with a passion. Yet we think by using the other psychology on adults it will work. The true way of changing a grown mans perception towards you is by not trying to convince them to change their perception against you.If you lay down the que’s/symbols, they will subconsciously eventually come to trust you BUT you must be genuine with your intentions. If your intentions are not genuine, the whole world will blow up in your face which is another opportunity to clear your name. The real currency therefore is trust not money or value or fake bravado of beating your chest about what you have done. Stephen Covey knew this when he published his book “The Speed Of Trust” Warren Buffet is known to do million dollar deals without any paper work but a handshake. Attention may be the cotton the currency is printed on but in the end the only true long lasting terminal like cancer currency is TRUST!

Finally the quantity of your blessings will be directly proportionate to the number of people that trust you. You can manufacture it but your intentions have to be pure!

PS. I have been working on some really cool projects(I will keep the cat in the bag until it’s well fed and worth showing out!) and will be updating this blog once a week. Preferably every Saturday morning. Take Care.


Lee Kariuki


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