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The Art Of Decision Making.

Posted on: January 26, 2013

The paradox of choice has three main problems it addresses:

  1. Analysis Paralysis which leads to procrastination
  2. Dissatisfaction with one choice at the cost of the other
  3. When taking the alternative choice the realization that the previous one was way better.

Choices are meant to empower us yet they cripple us. There are millions of people that go unsatisfied simply because they are crippled in the art of how to decide. Many people are anorexic because they are afraid of eating the “wrong ” foods. Many marriages will fail because one or both spouses is comparing the current to a previous or potential mate. Many customers will be unhappy because they chose a product with a certain expectation which eventually goes unfulfilled and can’t blame anyone else but their “choices” and finally many many people will write off   friends and family based on projections of a trend that is inaccurate in predicting one’s future. Yet the fundamental secret lies in the psychology of understanding the principle of diminishing marginal utility! As you consume one item and you’re dopamine levels rise, the consumption of another product similar or same will not necessarily elevate or rejuvenate the dopamine levels to their former heights.Yet for some reason consciously or unconsciously, it is engrained in us. In lay man terms…negate expectation and chase experience like the mind of a child!

To remove the pressure remember this one fundamental theory of philosophy.

There exists no wrong or right…..just action and consequences based on the outcome of how we feel now. Perfection will never be attained from one decision. You will make some choices that will not feel good.

No pressure. JUST LIVE.

Lee Kariuki


2 Responses to "The Art Of Decision Making."

Self knowledge means that the self knows its purpose, then it is the question of working out the process to meet the purpose. Choice made with wisdom can link the good action that achieves the purpose, thus no regret accrues but the joy of achievement. Bad choices arises through lack of self knowledge.

Well Said Alex. Thank you.

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