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The 3 Components Of A Successful Information Business(Last Post For 2012!)

Posted on: December 27, 2012

  1. The Market
  2. The Marketing
  3. The offer

Everything else is details. Forget the product, forget needing all the other stuff. Just the above 3.

  • The Market.

Before you start being a trend setter, you must get with the trend. Before you start influencing the market, get the market to buy first. Cash is still king. You can’t fake this one and you can lie you’re doing good but i wonder why all those businesses that were doing good closed down? If you get the market, you are in control! What does the market want? What problem can you solve and is the market ready to buy and how do you know so? We must remember that whenever i refer to the market i really mean people just like you and I.

  • The Marketing

Yes you found the market now is the crucial step of warming your market up. In brevity, building a community. The misconception here being advertising. Advertising is part of marketing but only that, part of marketing. Marketing is providing massive value to the market on a consistent basis so that you can avoid resistance on step number 3, the offer.

  1. Here is the problem
  2. Here is what i’ve got
  3. Here is what it will do for you

That’s it. Set it up and go on about your real business of enjoying life, being with family and doing the hula dance if that’s what get’s you up in the morning.

Siiiiimmmmmple init? Do you see anywhere about building a product or writing a book or i need to shoot some videos? No! Why? Because all those are simply complementary processes that have the combined goal of doing what? Marketing! You can still do your marketing in millions of other ways. Let me give you an example. I saw this guy in a bar in Seattle, i kid you not all he had was a card reader and a little table and i saw a couple of guy’s swipe that card reader for straight hard core advice. Didn’t have a website, no hosting,no book,no nothing! He was the product and he knew how to get his clients exactly what they needed and do you think they were complaining or leaving with 257 cd’s and dvd’s of a home study course?

You tell me!

Happy New Year and looking forward to 2013.

Lee Kariuki


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