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Forbes Article Projects The Next Gen Billionaires And The Results Are Not Surprising!

Posted on: December 7, 2012

Facebook? No! Technology? Maybe but these entities have already grown and will peak unless they orient themselves with the fundamental drive of the human psychology. Purpose. The article from Forbes magazine by Ricardo Geromel states that the next billionaires will come from cause driven enterprises. Clean water, cleaner energy, agriculture and for some reason, that doesn’t seem to astonish me!

There is a shift going on and i noticed this (if you haven’t) from when long term “egocentric” leaders started going down! Society was tired of being manipulated and “dictators” who were once hero’s can no longer survive in this new economy. The buzz word being “Ummah” an Arabic word which means community. If Ummah for one second suspects that your intentions have a greater benefit to you than to the society at large, you will be crippled financially socially and even morally. Alternatively, if your intentions are of a nobler cause, then you will be rewarded very handsomely twice. Once for making the difference to someone else’s life and two for the financial compensation of the solution.

Ok the question is Lee, every intention has an egocentric component to it how do you just help people and not make money? Here is where i take a stand. The critical plan of action is to offer expertise and make money simultaneously. With the sole emphasis of service first, payments right after. The two are equally important as you won’t have one without the other. The old paradigm is to focus solely on profits. That won’t work for very long in this new economy.You get that balance wrong, your Ummah will let you now because it will water down your efforts! Every rebel needs resources and resources are not limited to finances alone. There is the resource of the network, there is the resource of the referral there is the resource of assets. I just noticed that if profits(and they are important!) is all you desire then your business is running on bankrupt goodwill and won’t be around for very long! Now there are two main reasons why all in all you must make money, one to be able to help more people and two to help sustain you so that you can help more people.

We are becoming softer as a people where the “I” is being replaced by “you” and the “me” by “we” Ignore this and your business will hurt, acknowledge this and you will be just fine!

To conclude i will leave you with a few beneficial  resources you can look at that will better explain this shift in the way we conduct business.

To understand the social and mental shift,  read the book “Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future
” A book by Micheal Drew and Roy Williams!

but if you really want to take this home, start with a three books on social entreprenuership, One by

PS : The links take you toAmazon and i do get compensated a small percentage if you do choose to buy any of the books.

With that, have a wonderful weekend and if your haven’t registered for tomorrow’s webinar you can still do so! WEBINAR tomorrow!



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I like this blog so much, saved to bookmarks. “To hold a pen is to be at war.” by Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire.

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