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Thoery Of Relativity.

Posted on: November 6, 2012

In the perspective of things, everything is interconnected in the continuum of time and space. Therefore it is extremely hard to study one property in isolation unless working in a vacuum. It is then more logical to study properties in terms of weights and scores in relation to the overall impact. This is science and apparently the last thing Einstein was working on before he passed away! In layman terms, there is no action or event that occurs without being in proximity to another influencing action or event. In my days as a chemist, i learned that the greatest force of creation is energy transference and it happens through the different medium of water,air and land.  So there can be no creation in isolation as everything is in proximity to something else. The idea here is to:-

1. Learn what environment you need to be in to become a creator of the art you intend to materialize.

2. Learn the top influencing factors that affect creation through a process statisticians call scoring.

Finally remember that creation is not a process of “making” something from scratch but rather the allowing of the energy through proximity or otherwise to bring to reality something of substance. It starts by a thought process which emits waves through vibration and as the frequency increases, so does the likelihood of creation. In a nutshell, there has to be a gradient for energy to flow to spark the enthusiasm of creation and that energy is greatly influenced by the bodies(not literal) that we are in proximity to!

Good day!

Lee Kariuki


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