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You Can Get Any Job That You Desire And Here Is How

Posted on: November 4, 2012

One main problem that almost every job seeker is experiencing is that they are sending out resumes after resumes and no response and then they decide to send more resumes! Then the jobs hiring are staying vacant for longer periods of time as they can’t find the right match! Now think about this for a moment!

It’s like going to a party and there are many dates and you are trying to find one but you are talking to everyone that comes through the front door! The date is also being approached by many people just like you but none is really substantial simply because they are “eying” the next “potential” partner and hence have one foot in and the other one out the door! Definitely not attractive!

Now here is the effective strategy! Start with yourself! What would you  determine to be success in your definition? What do you picture yourself doing? What company do you constantly check up on for updates, strategies, new products,information, knowledge ….you get the picture! OK now you know exactly what company you want to work for or even do business with! By the way it is easier to attract the close to perfect match when you are confident and sure about what you want! This is key. I am amazed by how many people loitering around without a clear definition of what they want do as far as career wise, life wise even family wise! Clarity is key!

Next, do your homework! You are the expert! You know a lot about the subject and the beauty is that you are not limited by bureaucracy employees have with company culture! This is important as you are not coming from a position of objectivity and are completely “unbiased” Answer this question…”What can i do, that will absolutely increase the value of the company in terms of new insight, new strategy, customer service or even customers! This must be valuable to them and has to be an acute problem they are facing! You would definitely know this because you are not like the rest of the “JOB SEEKERS”  You are a visionary. You managed to befriend one current employee who gave you the overview of what problems in your expertise the company is experiencing and upon rigorous research, you published a 10 page whitepaper which addresses their exact problem! Can you imagine how powerful this is? Just imagine if you approached a girl and asked her about herself and upon isolating her deepest desire, you offered her a solution! It is quite counter-intuitive but the minute you focus on this one girl passionately, the rest of the others come marching in! Same thing with jobs. The minute you hone in on that one job, the rest come running in with offers especially if you do such a magnificent job! One way of globalizing your efforts is to have a blog! It gives you the exposure!

Strike while the iron is hot! Don’t wait around. The best time to get busy is when the fire is hot! When the prospective employer is excited about your efforts! Simply ask for what you want the worst they can say is NO or not now..which is not bad at all! You don’t chase them again but provide more value and i highly suspect if they say no, it’s because of a very specific reason! Hell, if someone came through the front door solving my problem before i even know it’s a potential problem, why wouldn’t i want him on my team? I would take the bus if i have to but just to make sure he is on my team simply because of his insights to deliver results!


There you have it! Swipe this, use it and abuse it!

Lee Kariuki


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