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Carving Your Own Path

Posted on: October 30, 2012

I heard a statement by Deepak Chopra…”On the journey to spirituality, ” He Said “If you see The Buddha  shoot him dead!”  Then i thought to myself Deepak how violent of you i thought you were a spiritual leader and your just preaching violence! What have we resulted to when the spiritual leaders are talking about shooting Buddha?  Then he corrected himself. Which made perfect sense. If you have to follow a path, then you are not a creator! When embarking on a spiritual journey, one must not get the way from Buddha but one must seek the Buddha within and then express it outside of himself! Then i thought about how many businesses are trying to be the next Google, or the next Facebook or the next XXX! Think about this for a second. If Google and Facebook and Apple had the scripts to follow, would they be where they are today? There is excitement in new! There is admiration in fresh and there is business in unique! If you have to follow a script you are not a writer! If you have to follow a recipe you are not a chef and yes the world will never be short of leaders! Then your sole responsibility is to decide if you want to follow or lead! Quite frankly, some say the optimal leader is the one that follows the lead of his followers! Exactly it made no sense to me either! The reason you are a leader is because you are brave enough to admit that you don’t know the path and you will carve one for others to follow not because you know it all, but because you trust that there is a higher force bigger than you working through you to solve other people’s situations and not out of ego, but out of necessity, moral obligation, command if i must say! It has nothing to do with risk, but all to do with purpose! There has been correlations between business and spirituality. At some point i’m of the belief that a successful business is the will of spirituality and a necessity to provide a good or service that will make a difference in the lives of others for the better(which is always relative!) but as long as the masses are in accordance with the sum of the outcome, then, the business or service is a benefit!   CARVE YOUR OWN PATH! Just do what comes from the soul. Forget brownie points, forget judgement, forget circles! It won’t lead you astray! Enjoy Yourself. Lee Kariuki


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