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The greatest resource to creation.

Posted on: October 13, 2012

Time is a finite resource. There are 24 hours in a day 7 days a week and 30/31 days a month. YOU CAN’T CREATE ANY MORE OF IT EVEN IF YOU WERE EINSTEIN. But(never start a sentence with but or your grammar teacher will report you to your principal and you will get kicked out of school and never be “somebody”) you can transform the greatest resource to creation!


I was reading this book that you can too called

and the book is just awesome. It makes this premise that energy not time is the resource that needs to be managed and has some amazing examples of how ordinary people trained on energy manipulation can become extra-ordinary and achieve extra-ordinary results in whatever they do. Besides, from a biological perspective we are 99.99999% similar and that 0.00001% variation won’t be the cause of differences in achievement. Performance, is more a property of energy management than time. More time doesn’t mean more achievement! Which takes me back to my school days….i remember pulling all nighters and failing exams until i realized that there is a strategy to preparation. If you could just allocate “productive time” in chunks of more than 30 minutes but less than two hours, you can and you will produce more quality work and you won’t even have to work for long hours! Guess how many hours of your day are truly intimate with peak performance….not more than 5! The rest of the time we are truly b’s-ing(another one for the grammar teacher!) and the sole idea here is to focus on what we intend to accomplish during those 5 hours and then what to bs on for the other 11 or so hours that will prepare us to get more done the following 5 hours! To end this post with some insight,there are four aspects of energy that need to be harmonized for peak performance.

  1. Emotional energy…..quality metric of energy
  2. Physical energy…..quantity metric of energy
  3. Mental energy…….perceptive metric of energy
  4. Spiritual energy….purposeful metric of energy

Master these and more important habituate them so that you no longer have to “THINK” which is rationalizing every action when we should be automating it to get work done!

There you go…now go out there and transform some of that couch energy!

PS. If you buy the book by clicking on the link i do get some money for referring it but it’s not the sole purpose of me putting the book on here! It’s just a great read!

Lee Kariuki


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