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Information Business Is Dead As You Know It.

Posted on: October 10, 2012

Quite the bold statement but if i don’t do it bold then I’m wasting your time and mine. During the information age a couple of years ago, before google, before bing there was yahoo and alta vista the very first search engines. Information was power. The one who had it ran the show. Knew what to do and when to do and had an edge over everyone else.

Come 10-15 years later, information is not scarce anymore! From the laws of demand and supply, when the supply goes up, the demand goes down! That’s not rocket science! So what is the new economy?

The new economy is personalized solutions. Go to a restaurant for a meal. Mc Donald’s is essentially going to be cheaper than Sullivans Steak house why? Yes besides both selling beef in different quantities, one is personalized the other is not! Anyone can walk through the door and the system will crank out a meal at the fast food restaurant but not at the steak house. Your input is of the essence. How do you like you’re steak? Just that question, essentially makes the cost of your service 10 times more!

As an internet marketer(I hate that term..always sounds like a scam artist and can you blame the masses for thinking like that!) your business should not revolve around more dvd’s or more books or more information! Your business just to survive must be centered around delivering personalized service by interviewing your clients! Frank Kern one of the highest paid internet consultants walked away from selling DVD‘s and products and changed his business model completely! Why? Simply because he figured out where the future is headed! And the future is always driven where opportunity lies and the masses don’t! By the time the masses catch up, it’s not a trend anymore, it’s an acceptable way of life! Think of it as yesterday’s benefit is today’s feature!

The beauty of this new business model? It all resonates with our core identity. As social beings, we are most responsive when our relationships are close, fulfilling and extremely intimate! The way we naturally are, is the way we like to transfer all our other interactions from business to family! We like to be in the auspices of people who “get us”……..BUT one main disclaimer, if you are not the social type, doesn’t mean you will be broke….there are infinite pathways that will become necessary to influence this proposed model and everyone based on their core values will have a part to play!

Enjoy your Wednesday!



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