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The Journey Of The Dojo!

Posted on: September 25, 2012

When i started The Unemployment Dojo, my mission was to post every lesson that i had learned from the many books,experiences and lessons i had encountered! I had spent almost a year in the lab back in 2008-2009 testing a method that used electricity to separate live bacteria from a sample using conductivity!

Anyway, apparently working in the lab from 7am to 3am makes you wonder if this is what life is all about! I was worn out ! I got a copy of Tim Ferris‘ book “The Four Hour Work Week” and the excitement of just the thought of imagining that a lifestyle like this could be infinitesimally minutely possible was extremely fascinating to me!

I put his theory to the test! I started reading books and just posting most of what i had learned and experienced on this blog! Some i read, some i experienced some i observed! Then after two years i have come to realize certain things based on my experiments!

  1. Reality is flexible based on your values! Despite what the world tells you from friends to enemies to even your pet, when you do/test/focus on what is most important to you, that becomes your reality! It comprises mostly of your beliefs! Be true and face it! The faster you do it, the faster you start bending it to your liking and it does bend! Believe me!
  2. The idea is not to work four hours, though it can be done! Quite frankly, the idea is to do more of what excites you! What challenges you! What makes you become alive!
  3. It doesn’t matter what you do in life! Economics is a must! Budgeting,expenditures,cash flow,receivables and spending on value! I learned that spending or lack of it is not the issue, the issue is ROI and return on investment is justified by the breaths it takes away! I stopped caring on price, as long as the value was breathtaking!
  4. You know your lifestyle, build a business around it! Don’t limit yourself by “Who the hell would pay for that?”… will be very amazed!
  5. They say focus on one thing! That’s what they say….i say do what makes you express your happiness! I discovered i am good at problem solving, simplification, creating recipes, story telling, comedy,tutoring and procrastinating and i combine them all in to one person!Me! Go figure!
  6. If you ever have to listen, listen to the one that has already passed the path that you seek and not 40 years ago but doing it actively right now! One big big problem i noticed while on this journey is that the greatest obstacle you shall ever encounter, shall come from the people who love you the most simply because their fears are greater than their imagination! Love them unconditionally but keep at arms,legs head, all combined length!
  7. You have to master the art of sales! Did i emphasize SALES enough! It is the one skill that will separate you from everyone else and sales is nothing but psychology!
  8. Finally, they say fail miserably in order to succeed. I say take your failures in small doses and fail when you can afford it! I know scaling may not be a property that will linearly extrapolate(more products = more sales or more advertising= more sales!) but if you plan to fail, spread out your failures over time and resources so that you can take a planned hit in small doses!

The journey is still progressing! Feel free to drop a line!


2 Responses to "The Journey Of The Dojo!"

URP 2008 with Dr. Alea MillsSpending ten weeks surrounded by people who shared my curiosity for science was an incredible experience. That sense of shared curiosity and excitement also made the long hours we would often work in the lab truly enjoyable. Not only were the people I worked with in my lab experienced and knowledgeable in their particular subject matters, but most importantly they were able to clearly help me to learn how science is done; how experiments are planned and executed, how data can be interpreted and how to use available resources to look for answers to questions. It was imposing to walk into the lab on the first day and be handed a project, but by the end of the program I felt that I had learned much more than I could have in any classroom. My summer at Cold Spring Harbor served to fuel my passion for science and helped me to grow as a scientist. Both difficult and unique, it is an experience that I would urge anyone to seek.

Science is a wonderful force of nature and helps in understanding the behind the scene action. I can truly attest that i would not be where i am today..physically,mentally financially or emotionally if it wasn’t for the comprehension of science. What fascinated you the most about the subject and what was the one thing at the conference that absolutely made you get in to the field?

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