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Our Social Responsibility To Slash Unemployment.

Posted on: September 4, 2012

I recently travelled and had a discussion with a prominent CEO (I promised not to expose his identity) I admire for his achievement and his desire to get America back to work. Quite the visionary and he had an executable plan on how to do it though he did admit that this was not a problem that could be solved by one individual.

What strikingly amazed me is the overwhelming amount of data he had which was a lot and how much time and research had been put in analyzing this universal problem. It is also a problem that surprisingly many CEO’s have been shedding some thought on…at least the ones that care! One of the facts brought about was that one of the main causes of this unemployment and income variation was as a result of the price inequality. Where the top 1% earns and controls almost 40-45% of all income and the argument may well be skewed to even higher numbers! It’s called the “Pareto Principle” of economics. This of course coupled with corporate scandals, greed and to some extent our own participation by living beyond our means and desiring material things of diminishing value!

Now the sheer honesty is that the bulk of the problem lies with our leaders though as citizens of any nation we all have a moral responsibility to our families, to our friends and to other citizens at large to become economically conscious. Conscious enough to have an impact on our quality of life. Conscious enough to increase our income through provision of services that enrich our communities. Conscious to leave wealth for our future generation so that they too can come in to prosperity and not a mountain of debt. They too can have the same environment that we had when we came in to this world. They too can have the same choices to follow their chi’s and Utopia.

There are many ways of skinning a cat and quite frankly we do have options and infinite pathways to arrive to the intended outcome. The question most Americans and Europeans are asking is how? We all know there is a problem, but how are we going to eliminate it? Just like electricity, we all desire the path of humongous impact with minimal resistance. In a previous post, I had mentioned that going against the 1% is not the solution and never will for they have the 1% resources that run the 99%. Remember the 99% camps(occupy wall street) that grew by the drones city to city across the world? Do you ever wonder what happened? Don’t get me wrong it had a great cause and was a great idea but what I didn’t understand was, what were the actionable steps the 99ers intended to take to get out of poverty? Every effective rebel must not only have a cause, but have a measurable decisive action that is easily understood and implemented! The 99 movement was powerful but didn’t have a list of actionable attainable steps. So upon a little research, I came up with a list of some actionable steps we can incorporate right now employed or unemployed.(correct me if i am wrong and please do suggest methods we can act on!)

Here are the methods I propose:

  1. Support more businesses that are actively involved in your local community. You see them you know the owners, you know what they stand for!
  2. Stop using banks that don’t have your interest at heart e.g. The big 5…you know which ones they are! Overdrafts, millions in fees, charges that don’t make sense!Keep your money with credit unions where your banker knows you!
  3. Take the time to educate fellow members of you and your community about finances. Don’t go to an employee who is preaching financial liberation rather go to the one who is living financial liberation. They are many and they have books out there and even in the library that you can get for free.
  4. Get proactive. Vote, read and exercise. Voting does make a difference as far as who gets in to power, reading especially financial books helps in keeping your financial knowledge upright and exercising helps lower health costs and keeps you in the right frame of mind. Studies actually show that if we could just work out as a community, we could cut out a lot of stress related diseases like cardiovascular malfunctioning (heart attacks) the number one killer in America for almost 3 years consecutively.
  5. Encourage or buy stocks from businesses where their CEO’S get paid only on performance. If they don’t perform tough luck they too get to know what it feels like to be unemployed for when the ships sinks the captain should be the last to jump ship especially if he is the cause!
  6. Buy products that support sustainability, job growth and invest in future technology that will stop pollution and treat animals and nature better!

If you haven’t noticed, all the above propositions don’t require money to implement, don’t create any friction between the 1 and 99%’s and finally have a long term impact. We got in to this mess after years of conditioning; we can’t get out of this mess in a jiffy! We also can’t expect members or officials who are not about to lose their homes, or walk the streets homeless or require long term medication to share the same sentiments of the status quo to take massive transformational action like you can! It is we, the people that have that responsibility. It is a shared responsibility and just like Kennedy stated at his inaugural address speech in 1961, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” and with this I conclude

Now that you know about this, what are you going to do first for yourself and then for your family and eventually for your nation at large?

It’s your choice.

Lee Kariuki


1 Response to "Our Social Responsibility To Slash Unemployment."

Cpr KIts… very great read you know alot about this subject i see!

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