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The Elephant In The Room.

Posted on: August 27, 2012

I watched the Ali Velshi‘s  show “Your Money” yesterday and i listened to the statements made. Truth of the matter we all admit whether you’re in Europe or even the United States, there is worry about the current and future economic downturn. True indeed not everyone is experiencing the same dilemma and some people are absolutely prospering in this downturn economy. As Europe goes through it’s financial turmoil America is facing and anticipating it’s own with the expiring Bush Tax cuts.


So the question here is what is/was the cause of this situation and how do we get out? Well the causes are well documented from price inequality to corporate scandals to instant gratification materialistic desire to American dream imaginary projections! The thing is no one really seems to argue about what the causes are /were, but every one becomes defensive as to what needs to be done. The reality of the matter is that there is no one step fix if all that will eradicate the cause and “fix” the effect.

Truth be told even Federal Reserve Chief Ben Barnanke understands that a problem of this magnitude will require the incorporation of a combination of actions and strategies to eradicate or at least minimize this problem of Unemployment also known as The Job Situation.


  1. Politically, we can elect members that have and may make a difference in fighting poverty on the front lines by fighting corporate injustice but the flipside to that is that despite good intentions,we have to wait for the elections and we only hope(as we can not linearly extrapolate future human behavior even with known intentions) they keep their word once elected in office. It’s a chance sometimes it happens most times we all know we are being “buttered” to a certain degree!
  2. We can take to the streets and raise pandemonium over increase in pay  to the 1% and hopefully force action but unfortunately some the people sitting on these boards that created the income inequality seldomlyy have a conscious! It’s always all about the bottom line and the impact that will instigate change may not be as effective, besides they have all the resources!
  3. Now this is a more psychological softer impactful strategy. What if, it’s not about you versus us or 99% versus 1% and we all took it as a “It is our collective problem” approach? Now how do we do this? We first change our internal story! Ghandi managed to start a movement by not rebelling against the British or using violence, but raising the consciousness of the majority. Martin Luther King  raised the consciousness of the oppressed by changing their internal story. Once we change our internal story, we change our external circumstances! That internal story has to start with accountability for each other, it has to start with conscious consumerism, it has to start with social entrepreneurship, it has to start with community involvement and it has to start with caring not only for ourselves, but for our future generations. We can make a difference but we will need one voice. Governments are for the people, heck governments are the people and sometimes i feel like governments worldwide forget that! Here is the reality though, no one government or official or even country will have your best interests at heart like you will. We all have a moral responsibility to be our brothers keeper!


So How do We Start? Follow The Dojo there’s a reason.



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