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The Subliminal Power Of Achievement

Posted on: August 21, 2012

This weekend i decided to cycle for 8.9 miles on Saturday. It was tough as i had never done this before and i thought maybe i should have prepared myself more physically. So i got on my mountain bike right after the Frank Kern webinar and decided off i go! I had visualized my destination and i knew i would get there somehow even if it meant getting on the bus but deep down  I wished I would rather have gotten there cycling. I thought about the horrifying figure the doctor gave me 2 weeks before of my LDL cholesterol levels. I thought about the people i had to excuse myself from in order to cycle, then i thought to myself “Rather than thinking of all the obstacles, what would happen if i actually made it to my destination cycling?” I thought, probably not much! The birds would still need oxygen, the chicken in Africa will still be cock-a doodle-doing at 6am and the Angus burger over at Mac Donalds would still be going at roughly 6 bucks a pop! Then, i pondered.. what was the use? Something profound was going to happen. I was about to master the power of achievement. I was not stressed out about the outcome of my destination. I knew somehow i was going to get there, but there was the profound wonder if i was going to get there by bike or bus. As i was riding, there were some hills that were more challenging than others. There was even one time that i had to take a 20 minute time out and hydrate on Gatorade, because i felt like i was going to collapse and it was then that felt a great power within. I  knew then that there was something special about the day! It was then that i knew without a doubt that i was going to complete my journey on bike! I was going to be an 8.9 mile accomplished cyclist and that was mighty great to me! The cycling broke all chains of self-doubt and i did it by taking each half a mile at a time. I didn’t throw affirmations of “you can do it” or “no pain no gain” or “just do it”…..i just simply psyched myself by stating aloud  that  “If you can finish this half mile, you will be half a mile shorter to your goal” I was happy! Very happy and you should too then i assessed the mood i was in before the endeavor. I was happy and there wasn’t a thing in the world that was bothering me! It was pure non egocentric achievement and it felt great! It felt so darn powerful i could only keep silent as talking and jumping felt like a loss of the power of the moment! I cycled and it was then that i knew exactly how Lance Armstrong felt despite the cancer, despite the doubt, despite the turmoil! I knew there was only one pre-req for achievement. It was the silence of the voices! Silence of the little devils that never let you rest and focus on destination not outcome….destination!

That Sunday(yesterday) i coincidentally bumped in to a PBS presentation about “The happiness advantage” and i couldn’t but smile at everything he professed about his experiments! He talked about mirror neurons and how contagious they can become. He talked about Dopamine and Serotonin and i remember my book back in 2007 “The Mental Orgasm” and i knew the dual interdependence  between psychology and physiology and the impact it has on our aging and accomplishment process. He stated that happiness is a choice scientifically which is deeply determined by our state of mind! You don’t become happy because of doing things, but you are happy hence the reason you do things! It is the reversal of achievement where conventionally we have been taught to do then become rather than become then do! There is a difference. Becoming is internal doing is external!Become X then Y subliminally materializes. The journey is not as linear as we would like it to be, but it definitely gets simplified when you understand this psychology!

Have fun my people and stay blessed! You already are the day you were born!


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