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Building The Brand…..How I do It.

Posted on: August 16, 2012

Try compete on price and your screwed….excuse my french!Try give out free stuff and you will get tired. The market is smart! Fact too smart for your short cuts! That’s why there are only roughly about 20% of businesses “caking it” and the numbers may be skewed towards 10 or even less! Problem is that most of the 80 remainders are copying! Mark started a business in teaching break dancing for fitness. A week later (mannerlessly) Joe Jack and Jill suddenly realized they were certified break dancers from the error of Lucinda and Boogaloo Shrimp and decided to open the same business shamelessly right next door to Mark!

Mark  is much smarter than the triple J’s think! He understands the power of the brand! Rather than bad mouth his competition, he uses his competition to bring the sharp contrast between what he does and what they do! In fact, he tells his guests that he is charging double what the neighbors are charging and suggests to visitors that if price is their most crucial deciding point, then they should go to the triple J’s next door for much cheaper pricing! Yet surprisingly, Mark is outselling the J’s by a factor of ten to one! Mark is working fewer hours! Mark is less concerned about the J’s! Eventually, the J’s close shop and decide to become salesmen for Mark! The wisest decision they ever made in their lives! Why?

Mark knew he was a brand! A brand stands for sincerity! Would you fore go a sale to your competition solely because you knew deep down inside you could not offer your prospects what they were looking for? Would you selectively hand pick your clients because you knew they could best benefit from what you have to offer other than the ones who will willingly “swipe” their cards through your ear lobes at a drop of a hat? The new age of branding is all about one word! SPECIFICITY IN GOODS OR SERVICE! In three sentences here is the strategy!

  1. Find the market that would best benefit from what you have to offer and address their “noose to the neck” problem!(They must outrightly know they have the problem with minimal convincing)
  2. Tell them what you have to offer and what it will do for them. Plain and simple….no trigger none sense of time and urgency and magic tricks!
  3. Show them what the next step to take is!

I have tested different markets and one thing i have come to conclude is that breaking complexity in to tiny little actionable steps is key! People are already overwhelmed with all the things they have to do in their lives! They are overwhelmed with the mortgage, the bills, the upcoming vacation, the movie coming out, the baby shower they have to attend….and so on! Don’t complicate their lives by having them run the Olympics in London just to finally understand what the heaven your selling! Make it that much simpler for their lives by lifting one burden out of their shoulders! Genuinely express that you acknowledge what they are going through and you will have a brand! You will sleep at night when your competition is worried about making rent! You will smile more when your competition is grinding their teeth due to empty shopping carts!Often smiling which in turn puts a smile back to your clients…and you will dedicate your energy to making their life that more efficient! This is the formula that knows no recession. Acknowledges no downturn and puts a smile to your clients!

That is the end of my 2 cents rant! Now if you don’t do anything else, just start genuinely caring and build your brand today!

Lee Kariuki


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