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How To Get Hustled By 9 Year Old Lemonade Entrepreneurs And Actually Enjoy It!

Posted on: June 4, 2012

This weekend i decided to walk around the neighborhood one to shed of the excess fats accumulated over the winter, two to enjoy the warm weather summer brings. I was greeted by two cheerful kids selling lemonade! Both were seated hardly a yard apart! The first kid approaches me and asks “Good afternoon sir, would you like to buy some lemonade for $3? ”

I was getting ready to buy a glass of lemonade not because I really wanted the lemonade but to promote their spirit of entrepreneurship. I had hardly pulled out my wallet when his competitor pulled the “best sales pitch ever” This kid’s dad has to be a marketer!

This was his process!

Sir, you look like you have strolled around and thirsty! From the looks of it, i know you will have to walk back from where you came from” ” Why not enjoy the stroll back enjoying a glass of lemonade? Pitch number one….he addressed what concerned me! Notice he hasn’t even mentioned the word sale “Sir, let me tell you about our lemonade. We make our lemonade by hand squeezing freshly bought lemons from the market and simply add bottled water to it guaranteeing that it is fresh, safe and natural” pitch number two…..took the time to educate me about how they make their lemonade! Still hasn’t mentioned sale!

“Sir, if you don’t like our lemonade, not only do you enjoy the juice on us but you get your money back” Then there was a deep silence! “All of it no questions asked”.  “Now if you would kindly come over to my stand to taste a sample, we will tell you more about how to stay cool during hot weather!”

Goodness me what the heaven is this kid on? The whole time he hadn’t even mentioned the price but somehow even if he said $10 i would have paid! I tasted their lemonade and it truly was natural! Naturally bitter!(That’s how real lemonade tastes duh!) I had to give them the $5.00 without even complaining! How can you say no to such ingenuity? I also bought lemonade from the other kid and advised him to partner with his friend and learn a thing or two!

I eventually walked home surprised at how intelligent this kid was! Before i left though, i asked him who had coached him on selling lemonade and he told me he had taken Ken McCarthy”s home video course on copy writing and sales!(I’m kidding…!) He told me all the other kids on the block were doing the same thing and he had to figure out how to “cut” his competitors but the reason that hit me like a tonne of bricks was that he was providing good lemonade for thirsty people for a good price! This kid is amazing!

That kid right there is set out for great things! I know a winner when i buy something from them!

Take Care!


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