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A Little Unknown Secret That Stops Unemployment For Life.

Posted on: June 1, 2012

This will be extremely short and precise. You see as Greece tumbles down and the fear of outrageous budget cuts and lack of employment keeps the weary wide eyed and embedded in insomnia as the clock ticks, there are a handful of people smiling cheerfully. Their smiles are not motivated by an episode of Charlie Chaplin, though they do find the time to enjoy such rib cracking comedy, but the reason for their cheek to cheek smiles is motivated by this one secret.


See, my late friend Frank Bettger imparted one of his greatest sales secret ever to be known to the face of the world. It wasn’t until i read his book “How I raised myself from failure to success in selling” did i learn that the true secret was in sales. Sales was the end result. The true secret lied in the enthusiasm he delivered his products. It’s amazing that if you take nothing out of this post, take enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the desire and energy to live. Enthusiasm has nothing to do with the product, though a well crafted product will outshine a poor one, but with enthusiasm a bad product may well out do a well crafted product.

I recently had an interview for an assistant and ran most of my hiring over skype. It was amazing how many people applied and what even amazed me is how these candidates behaved during the interview. I knew i had a winner the minute Fahad came on. He was more interested in the work to be done than the money. He was excited about the project than how many hours he was putting in and i tell you when you find a winner, you know what you have in your hands. Faced with a dilemma between a knowledgeable candidate and an enthusiastic one, hands down get the enthusiastic one. Knowledge can be acquired and so can enthusiasm but enthusiasm far outweighs knowledge.

Unemployment is rough. It challenges your manhood. Questions your existence but what you do with the current state is what determines how far you go in life.

Enjoy Enthusiastically!

(I told you this was going to be super duper short!)


2 Responses to "A Little Unknown Secret That Stops Unemployment For Life."

YES…continuous self improvement and investment, keeping your moral compass on making the world a better place. Make it a great day…it starts with you!

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