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What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

Posted on: April 9, 2012

It was black. Really extremely pitch black. No moon in sight. Kenya power darkness. No electricity. Then in a flash of a moment, the greatest epiphany came to mind. I was no longer afraid. I was not going to hide in the dungeons with traumatizing expectations of how  they wanted me to live. They had driven me to chase this and chase that as if that was the solution then when  the problem was still in existence, they suggested i pursue more of this and then that. It was then that i remembered all the noises going on mute and in an instance, i was alive. Alive like never before. I could hear my heart beat again. The smile come forth again and i knew that the whole time i was in a dream. A bad dream that i wanted to escape and never turn back again. It was then that i awoke from the alarm, only to realize that i was going back to sleep again!

What you are dreaming about when you are “awake” is your reality! What you are experiencing right now, is a dream. It wasn’t meant to be this way hence the word dream. Wake up. Wake up. Your brand is calling! Your legacy is calling! Besides there is work to be done. We need you! Don’t slave anymore! Don’t be scared anymore! We need you! There is work to be done! You might not make millions, but you will make a difference! You might not work “hard” but you will find fulfillment! You might not have job security, but you will find purpose and eventually secure a solution. You desire to do it! You “dream” about it! You wish you would rather be doing it then what you are doing! My brother my sister, WHATS STOPPING YOU NOW?

When you’re about to leave, when all your family and friends are surrounding you the one crucial question that will bother you the most is “What will they remember me for?” Luckily, your heart is still beating for you to change that answer!

Lee Kariuki


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