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Focusing:How To Eliminate Waste and Enhance Results

Posted on: March 27, 2012

Will power is just that…..will power and quite honestly will power will never do anything for you neither will discipline. The results come from taking action and not just busyness action but strategic driven results oriented action. So how does one decide what is the result driven action? One doesn’t.The intention is not to seek a tactic but to start by this one hypothesis “We know nothing”, “We are ignorant” and like a baby we will question every process with the sole intention of learning. One arrives to the right action by tracking every action and analyzing which act produces which result. It is a continuous process and in scientific jargon is called 6 sigma.

6 sigma a process generated by Motorola in the 1980’s was a huge industrial and management success that was later emulated by Toyota, Bank Of America and many other corporations. Just like with the process itself, there has been major improvements on improving the process of improvement. I have created a 6 step process that one can implement right now and start harnessing results in the shortest amount possible with minimal effort. The magic behind this process is that it uses 6 sigma strategies and incorporates the human mind and behavior which is to do the minimal possible and achieve maximum results.

here goes

  1. Decide: First process…though one of the most controversial one. A non decision or adaptation to the status quo is still a decision and there are always repercussions. It is more adaptable to influence your outcome based on a decision you made than to conform to an outcome based on a decision made for you.
  2. Do the minimal rather than get all constipated and dehydrated perfection your action, assume a stance of non knowledge and do the bare minimal with the specific desire of learning. What is the purpose of product perfection without market knowledge only to find all those hours and resources you spent went to waste when the market refuses to respond to your expectation? Furthermore with extreme failure comes extreme discouragement. By doing the minimal you are reducing chances of failure and isolating which process or part failed. It is as i call it failure in sequences which leads to success in drones!
  3. Analyze-By understanding what metrics need to be measured, we understand what variables carry the most weight. It is not as most analysis focus on to drop variables, but rather to understand the crucial metrics that deliver the compounding result and this can only be deduced from a place of non-knowledge.
  4. Learn-This step entails the transformation of the above metrics through different disciplines to completely be able to define the ideal product or service. For example when taking metrics on people who bought a certain commodity, this step translates different metrics from emotions to seasons to habit. It is truly interdisciplinary and only when one isolates the very specific reason through observing many reasons does one isolate his ideal client. Think of this in terms of the “Theory Of Relativity”
  5. Improve-A continuous process must and should have some sort of improvement either on customer retention,product development or both.
  6. Control- What are the key indicators? How do you know in a flash when your business is operating out of specs? The minute to make incremental delta’s is when the business is profitable and  one can only effect these changes by continuous trending and tracking which we collectively call, control.

If you would like to learn more about the process please register for a free webinar on April the 5th.

Lee Kariuki


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