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Finding The Superstar….

Posted on: January 28, 2012

The superstar can not be seen by the bare naked eye. The true saying that all that glitters is not gold is quite applicable to the superstar scenario.They may not have an “Armani” suit at the interview. May not even speak much, but listen avidly. They may not try to impress you but speak through true life experiences. They have the courtesy to face you in the eye during the handshake. They follow-up every two-three weeks just to see what is the outcome of the interview. They engage you in thoughtful conversations.

Try tell them you don’t think they are the right “fit” for the job and all hell breaks loose. They will put up a “You are making a big big mistake” compared to their counterparts who quickly oblige to your opinion without a fight! Rather than talking about their accomplishments, they ask more questions about the task at hand! They don’t even mention pay until you bring it up. They might prefer to work unconventional hours simply to avoid interference with management between 9 and 5. They clearly understand what is meant by deadlines! Nothing is insulting to them like micro management! Just explain the specs and the deadline of what you need and if there is a problem they will consult you but don’t ask them for progress every ten minutes!Finally, they do things not out of reaction, but in anticipation of outcomes.They may be avid readers, but everything they do is a commitment to improving who they are as individuals or employees.

They don’t stay unemployed for too long. There is always someone that needs them for something. Out of all their talents the one reason that you need them in your corner is that they are brutally frank and will give you their true opinion.

If you find them, tell them Lee is looking for them because these people are as rare as steak and you find one, pay em well and even more important, challenge them or they will go!


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