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The Right Attitude To Avoid Unemployment.

Posted on: January 13, 2012

A friend of mine called me the other day complaining about how fearful he was of being fired because for whatever reason he simply could not get along with his peers at work. When faced with a technical dilemma his peers simply brushed their shoulders at him and wished him the best. This was a major concern to him and he didn’t know what to do. Two things i advised him to do:-

  1. Try different solutions. No one wants to be approached with a problem that all the alternatives have not been exhausted. People feel good about solving real dilemmas and when you approach them, make sure you have tried all combinations and predicted or seen the outcome.
  2. Acknowledge that the person you are approaching is the expert. People like to be recognized and given credit. Do it in a manner that you are not just “buttering” them up but doing it with all honesty and integrity.
  3. Finally involve a little conversation. If you don’t know three things about your workmates(each and everyone of them) then you are at risk of getting fired! a) What is most important to them b)What do they like to do during their free time c)What did they do before joining the company

Quite frankly there are going to be inevitable situations where business decisions just have to be made and you will face the axe. Then there are those situations where companies will evaluate assets you, employees being one of them and they will use a scale on who is the least valuable to them. From my experience, the most social person who delivers the most always wins. So technical knowledge or delivery is not the limiting factor but the ability to work with people of different disciplines to get results is the true asset. In the end Dale Carnegie in his book “How To Win Friends And Influence People” mentioned that skills are about 30% of the job, the rest…….your ability to deal with people!


Happy Friday and This weekend just think about the word humility!

Lee Kariuki


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