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Creating and Delivering Wow….The Second Post! This Is Brutal!

Posted on: January 10, 2012

On October the 26th 2010 i wrote a post about creating and delivering wow. Yesterday, i managed to watch Frank Kerns “State Of The Internet Address” and i couldn’t agree further.

What has happened to creativity? What has happened to “Wooing” the potential consumer with solutions that blow their mind first and then their problems away? When you fly “Virgin America“, you won’t forget that experience. When ADT’s app remotely operates your lights at home and sets your heater to the exact temperature(ask me for details), you won’t forget that experience. When you use an iPhone, you won’t forget that experience. When you wear cologne by Paco Rabanne “One in A Million” again, you won’t forget that experience and even more important, the people around you won’t forget that experience.

Have you ever seen an advertisement that moved you so hard that not having money was not a good enough excuse for why you wouldn’t own that product? Besides the good advertisement, the product captured your most intimate desire. It blew you of reality! Almost driving you to want to rob someone to buy it! That property is called “WOW”

Wowing your clients is going above and beyond their standard expectation. If they think they are getting a car, you deliver comfort with good gas mileage. When the expect a meal, you deliver a culinary experience. When she expects a boyfriend, you deliver a partner and team player that pays excruciating attention to detail. Wow is raising the bar so high such that the competition has no option but to copy the “KAT”.

How do you create wow? Simple! Listen to the subliminal message being conveyed. Every potential client is subliminally communicating to you exactly how they want you to wow them. Push you’re creativity buttons. Make a bold statement. Get confident and do what has never been done before! Steve Jobs(and i know this example has been exhausted) never tried to create a black berry or a windows phone! He set out to create an experience!You should too!

Take Care!

Lee Kariuki


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