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Goal Setting and Accomplishment In 2012.

Posted on: December 31, 2011

Happy New Year.

Yes you. In a couple of hours fire works will be exploding left right and center! All will be merry about just the fact that they are present to see the year 2012. Many did not expect to be here and while we are grateful, many did not and may not may make it to 2012. For all that it’s worth, close your eyes and simply whisper a quick “Thank You”.

Now to the true agenda of this blog post. The art of goal setting. The word “New” registers to our brain as vibrant, needing change or even fresh. So the first thing everyone has or is planning on doing is to make New Year Resolutions which half will break before the end of the first month! Why?

The number one reason is 90% won’t write them down. Number two, of the 90%, 65% won’t commit to any of it and the most frequent mistakes is many have no tracking plan to see if their efforts are fruitful or fruitless!

Goal setting is easy. Anyone can pull a sheet of paper and scribble what they want to do. It takes a person with vision to get those goals accomplished. Here are 6 things to consider while goal setting.

  1. Do you believe in your goal? Is it too easy or too challenging and are you setting yourself for failure?
  2. What is your time frame? A goal without a start date or end date has not been defined clearly.
  3. How will you track progress?
  4. Who will hold you responsible for doing what you said you would?
  5. Why? This should be first. Why the goal setting? What does it mean to you?
  6. How will it feel when you achieve this goal? Having that exact feeling in mind!
  7. What is the opportunity cost? What are you willing to give up to accomplish these goals?
  8. How specific is your goal?Drill down to the micro level.
  9. How often will you review and adjust your goal based on new developments?

Ponder on these while goal setting and i truly wish you a prosperous New Year and may all your heart’s desires come to fruition.

Lee Kariuki


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