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How To Convert Meaningful Relationships To Longterm Sales

Posted on: December 16, 2011

This past week I attended a 5 day seminar in good ol’ Georgia on how to generate more sales by a renowned consultant called Chris. The beautiful thing about this is that I at first thought that he was going to go over sniper methods and tactics of tazing and torturing your prospect but much to my amazement, I learned that the entire sales process  is nothing short and long of building relationships. Sales is not restricted to tangible give me something and then I will give you xyz amount of money.Infact most times sales start  from the way you dress all the way to the way you communicate and it might not even happen on the same day!

To be honest Chris completely changed my perspective on sales! He managed to convince me about leveraging using value! The more relationships you have with your prospect the greater the opportunity to generate sales. Sales in itself is such a horrible word many people don’t even like it. What is the first impression that comes to mind when you hear the word sales or sell? A used car salesman? Being taken advantage of? Quite frankly,sales really is a just the end product of a really good relationship building process. So how do you build relationships?

  1. Every step of the way from the warm up to the close, focus on the value. If done right, you won’t really need to use a gun for that monetary commitment or investment.
  2. Address their greatest concern and this can only be done by making your client your focus.If he doesn’t feel so, it will show up on the close. People have many many concerns, but when you hit the G-spot(G for Greatest one) that emotionally activates their psyche, and they will take action. Most people buy emotionally and justify it logically.
  3. Breakdown your entire system of delivering value in to small little bits that will get your prospect in to saying yes. It’s called the spread psychology. You are more likely to get an overall yes from a few incremental yes’ than from banking everything on the final event and then receiving a NO! One author covers it extremely well.Robert Cialdini-Influence
  4. Choose you’re words very carefully. You are the only one who has the ability to self destruct your sales copy, most times by literally out-writing or out-talking yourself off the relationship. Simplicity, clarity and precision. Read a book called Words That Work By Frank Luntz . It get’s deeper on even how some presidential campaigns lost an entire election simply based on incorrect choice of words to would be voters!
  5. Finally envision the entire process prior to engaging. At the end, sales is nothing but a presentation or a chance to become an actor. The more you believe in your role, the more you build a relationship with your prospect.
  6. Don’t be scared to ask for the money. Jay Abraham says that when the client becomes conscious of  the value that you are delivering , he may wait to see how confident you are in asking for the sale.At this point,it is neither a career nor a job. It is a moral obligation to serve.  Naturally we hate being sold to so it is again natural that we hate asking for sales. The problem is that if you hate asking for sales, it shows and your client doesn’t believe in you anymore! Ask for the sale and don’t be scared! The worst they will say is NO. and it may only be for now.
  7. Bonus: You are not a sales rep. You are a consultant. A consultant builds value before the sale. A salesman wants money before building value and how do you build value? Offer solutions consistent with your prospects greatest concern.

Relax. It’s the holidays and in 2 week’s time it will be time to reflect. Did i accomplish my income goals for 2011? Did I even have a goal? I will do write-up a post before the end of the year on how to start and maintain 2012 with a bang.

Lee Kariuki


2 Responses to "How To Convert Meaningful Relationships To Longterm Sales"

I like this, thanks for the information. I’ll let you know how my next presentation goes.

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