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The 4P Dojo.(Don’t Try Sell Without This!)

Posted on: November 10, 2011

What do Gary Bencivenga, Frank Kern,Eben Pagan,Jeff Johnson,Eugene Schwartz,John Caples, Joe Sugarman, Rich Schefren, Andy Jenkins,Jeff Walker all have in common? Ok who are they? They are some the best ad copiers(the ability to take a product and almost transform it in to something highly desired and sought after.) They definitely understand psychology of the mind, and desire but most important, they sell products that deliver. The greatest prerequisite for sales is definitely a product that will serve the end users purpose. Gary once said he loves cakes, but wouldn’t attach a cake to a fishing hook to catch fish because it doesn’t matter what he likes, to catch fish it’s all about what they like(Fish). So upon closely studying and researching these phenomenal men, here are the four most important P’s of sales one must at least consider before even putting anything up. Remember despite what career you are in, you are always in sales!

  1. Problem. Identify with the problem the prospect/client is facing.
  2. Promise. Make it big . If you don’t make a big promise of your solution then go home. Caution:It must work!
  3. Proof. This is where most of us get stuck. How do you convey that proof. Sorry to say most people won’t believe you without this!
  4. Proposition. What is the offer.

Now after you over come those four P’s you must very clearly answer these questions. They call them the “escape routes”.(Every prospect wants just one of these concerns to go unfulfilled for them to escape your offer!)

So on the left is the open gate and the right is the gate blocker! Have fun with it!

  1. I have absolutely No time-Hey look at this magnificent valuable offer
  2. I have absolutely No interest- What? It’s solving a major issue in my life? Let me look at this!
  3. There is No difference from the rest! Thats what they all say!- It promises a unique solution? Unbelieveable!
  4. Nonesense! I don’t believe you at all! look at this proof( focus on this as this is what really moves the free line or tips the scales)
  5. I need more time to think about this, i’m overwhelmed- Restricted time frame offer? I don’t want to loose this sale!
  6. This my friend is way too expensive- Ok look at this value being offered to a specific problem i’m facing!

Cover these obstacles and you should start seeing an increase in sales.


2 Responses to "The 4P Dojo.(Don’t Try Sell Without This!)"

great site and information I will be adidng links on my site soon and will be back linking

Mr Schefren, Honored to have you comment on here. Your work is amazing and i am a great fan of your strategies!

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