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Three Easy Steps That Convert Your Product To A Purpose.

Posted on: September 22, 2011

  • Start with your prospects state of mind. It answers the why? What is their greatest desire? The closer you are to the prospect, the clearer the insight is. Infact, you could be the prospect yourself! It could be a series of frustrations you are experiencing or can’t find a solution to! This is my argument, there are at least 7.5 billion people on planet earth! Even applying the law of bad stale expired redundant averages at least 1000 people are experiencing the exact same frustration and have no idea where to start! Be their torch!
  • The How? simply means the impact of the solution! It is not purposeful if it only impacts your brother and your sisters cat in law! Spread the word! Income is directly proportional to impact. The more people you impact the more your take home. So tentatively(to the market) the solution must have these three obvious not so obvious fulfilments.

1.Offer a UNIQUE LIFE CHANGING solution. 2. Able to reach a MASSIVE amount of people. 3. Be PROFITABLE though not profit driven. There is a difference. 4. Eventually must OPERATE with minimal to no effort of the founder.

  • Finally,Implement 1 and 2.- There is nothing further to add!

7 Responses to "Three Easy Steps That Convert Your Product To A Purpose."

Hi Lee,
Great run down on creating a product and selling it. You kept it short and sweet. Especially like the part about being profitable not profit driven! What a good point!

I am a product creator and I always wonder why others don’t get in the game! Find the problem, solve it, sell it. It’s as simple as that!

You provide some good basics! If the product or service is good, then “word-of-mouth” advertising is some of the best advertising there is. You always hear, “Find a need and fill it” and I think that’s very sound advice. Like Sherrie, I also like your distinction between profitable and profit-driven–there is a big difference!


I always wonder how people invent stuff. Things I never knew I needed. And then there are people like you who make it sound so simple.

Thanks for the reminder that there are many creative people in business and succeed.

Lee, you have done a great job with the basics here. I am especially impressed with the distinction you draw between being profitable, but not profit driven. Thanks for your insights. I look forward to reading more from you. Keep fighting the good fight!

You kept it simple here — that works! I like your approach; in particular, you say in the first step, “Start with your prospects’ state of mind”. I think this is sage advice, which I try to get across to readers and clients all the time! Don’t business plan in vacuum … what problem are you solving … how urgent is the need … etc. You know the drill. Great Advice, Lee.



Excellent example of the KISS method! 🙂

via Team Kickin’

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