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Mental Marketing- The New Way To Engage Clientele.

Posted on: September 20, 2011

Remember ol’ Johnny from first grade? He was a cheeky naughty boy and no matter what he tried to do, bake boy scout cookies,volunteer at the shelter he was still perceived as naughty ol’ Johnny! Even his parents warned other kids to stay away from ol’ Johnny cause they were afraid of litigation.

This brought me to the fabulous idea! When we market/brand(Twitter posts,Facebook posts,LinkedIn posts,paper ads) what we are trying to do is get in to the mind of the prospect and dominate a category. Lately there has been aggressive marketing by marketers to get others attention and yet the results have been terrible! Why?

Part of the reason is the mental mapping and comprehension that when exposed to excess anything, the actual opposite happens. Marketing and branding is a battle of perception not products! I repeat that. Marketing is a battle of perception not product. Pushing products is counter intuitive. Build your brand by leading a category….like TheUnemploymentDojo is the first and only training program for the unemployed. Think of a category you can lead and run with it! It’s strategic,easier and more effective!

NB Next Tuesday we launch “Redefine Work”. 30% of proceeds go to Reach Out the local Federal way feed the homeless program!

Stay Tuned!

Lee Kariuki


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