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2 Months Of This, Got Jeremy Smiling….Ha ha ha(Vincent Price Style)!

Posted on: September 8, 2011

It was two long months of  patience. He once thought about just shouting “enough is enough” but he opted to persevere. He was pumping in 12 hours a day and there was no immediate reward. In fact, he thought to himself. “Why even bother?” “No one seems to care!”

Jeremy had graduated from North Carolina State University College of engineering and like everyone else didn’t know what to do. He had noticed that many engineering jobs were being out sourced to Brazil,China, India , Russia and South Africa. He didn’t know what to do. He had applied to several companies but they all turned him down for an acute lack of experience

Then one fine morning, his dad suggested that he volunteer with a local firm. This would keep his skills current and still add the necessary experience he required to proceed to a more  lucrative position. Against his wishes, he decided to listen to paps! Jeremy worked his behind off coming in early and staying over late when everyone else had long john gone! His hard work caught the attention of the director who was astonished to learn that Jeremy worked with absolutely no pay . The director was so moved he decided  not only to employ Jeremy, but also pay him with a percentage from his own salary. Jeremy was so grateful and has raised extremely up the ranks.

Lesson to learn. Look deep and notice the options that you have. You worked hard for your degree, don’t loose it over an excuse like unemployment.(Yes they could become obsolete and yes loose value!) Stay relevant,volunteer,read current articles, become a guest blogger on the subject matter,write a review paper about your subject matter and finally teach the material!

Do the above and you too could laugh like Vincent.


1 Response to "2 Months Of This, Got Jeremy Smiling….Ha ha ha(Vincent Price Style)!"

Nice post, Lee. The bottom line is that no matter how tough things get, you just have to keep pushing on. There are countless examples of famous people who “failed” many, many times before achieving their ultimate, extraordinary success. Learn what you can from whatever doesn’t go right and just keep going. The only way you truly fail is by quitting. Paul

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