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Fear and Faith

Posted on: August 28, 2011

Two different words but very similar. Faith and fear are both defined as “the hope of something that has not happened expected to happen” the only difference is that one is filled with a positive expectation(on your outcome) while the other one is filled with a negative expectation(on your outcome).
It is a choice. Then what is the problem?
They both take an equal amount of energy. The real problem is that we seek evidence. when you seek evidence of fear, you find nothing but factual evidence. Stock market fluctuations,hurricanes,bad economies,earthquakes,bad relationships… name it.Positive evidence in good health,sound mind,family happiness, abundance and the result is always magnified.
SO the real practice here is to find the evidence that will impact your outcome and then believe in it.
It won’t be a walk in the park because you have years and years of conditioning to deal with. Even your conditioning may have been conditioned. But it pays to start and if you can’t find the evidence, create it for others to believe in.


Lee Kaiuki


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