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How I did A Tune Up Using Dentist Scrapers.

Posted on: August 25, 2011

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The spark plugs were stuck. Geez may be even rusted. Here i was with my adjustable spanner wrench and for some reason i couldn’t get the old spark plugs out. Then i found out that the rubber was blocking the grip of the spanner. I sat there with my hammer! Confused, sweating and desperate.

I remembered a saying by Joe Sugarman (wishing i had his blue blockers from all the sun) ” If all you have is a hammer, then everything feels like a nail” I went to the local Auto Zone and got a dentist kit which comes  in a pack of  the four most torture looking tools(felt like i was about to do an interrogation)! Why Auto Zone has them i have no idea! Maybe they have seen a trend that mechanics are now trying to go to dental school! Anyway went back to the car, removed the rubber and  then i was able to untighten the rusted old spark plugs.

Then i thought to myself, how many times do we look at our current problems from the eyes of a carpenter rather than from a dentists point of view? Or a dentist looking at teeth from a dentist point of view rather than from a carpenter?


Lesson of the day, equip your tool box as you may never know what tool comes in handy and what time! This could symbolize knowledge or experiences or even you literal tool box.

Lee Kariuki


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