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The Natural Element.It’s The Only Space You Can Afford To Be In.

Posted on: August 2, 2011

I have a friend for identity reasons let me call him Jay. Jay is super talented with a good education (graduated summa-cum-laude from his Masters program) and he still feels pretty much useless. The struggling economy, the negativity from the news has actually encouraged Jay to become a binge alcoholic.

The one thing Jay is good at though is removing viruses. Jay can remove a computer virus out of your system faster than your combined T and B cells can remove a virus out of your body! Where he learned this skill was by playing and writing code. Who would have known that Jay was a natural at writing code. He even told me he could create a virus himself and used to play with code since he was 9 years old. So i asked Jay why not use that natural skill to find work but his greatest challenge was “How” and “Who was going to hire him”.(It’s funny that it’s always the people who posses the die for skills who rarely know how to position themselves ) Anywho, so i helped him craft a ad and then create 3 free sites and fill them with content on……removing viruses. It wasn’t hard for him to rank fast on the local search engines and soon his phone started ringing. Since the start of the turn, more people are using the internet and more people are getting attacked by viruses especially if they don’t have a good anti virus software and a firewall. We crafted a message around that and Jay is happier, more sober and doing what he loves! Small steps are truly everything. Little things surely do count and i am happy to see Jay devirusing computers for people and making money on the side.

It is counter intuitive that our strengths exist where we least expect. It takes consciousness to discover them and most times what comes natural is the hardest thing to implement because of conventions,environment education even negative people come in our way.

Follow your natural instincts statement! It’s a verb meaning it is action oriented!

Start today.

Lee Kiratu Kariuki


3 Responses to "The Natural Element.It’s The Only Space You Can Afford To Be In."

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