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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss…..

Posted on: July 15, 2011

Small flowerless green plant that lacks true roots, growing in low carpets or rounded cushions in damp habitats and reproducing by means of spores released from stalked capsules attaches itself to stationery objects. This is to say that moss is not quite the thing that one would like to gather so the message of the statement “A rolling stone gathers no moss” implies that one can not get heavily attached to “stuff” if they are on the move and acting on the things that matter.

If you stay glued on the news, it is not exactly a very inviting place to seek inspiration from so are the newspapers and the radio. Somehow i conclude that there has to be a mental compartment within us that is always seeking or anticipating bad news. Otherwise why do we react and accept and clench to bad news so hard? It is a comfortable place just as equally as good news! Takes the same amount of energy and the only difference is CHOICE. You get to choose which of the two you want to opt in to. Unfortunately, many of us chose the happiness and the good news route  at birth and even during our childhood, but as a result to earthly conditioning, other people’s pain and conventions, hearing “no” or “it can’t be done” how about “impossible” we becam accustomed to   accept misery,pain,sadness and anger by default   without even our conscious knowledge. Even when our physiology was signalling that the default choice would be detrimental to our health! So a rolling stone is metaphorically a representation of  the mind and the moss, well that is all the conditioning we have been exposed to!

Roll It and stay away from the moss!

You’re Going To Love The Way You Feel!

Lee Kariuki



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