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The Key 2 Assets To Posses In The New Economy….

Posted on: July 12, 2011

Very very very short and simple

  1. People Connections
  2. Precise Information
  1. People connections is all about who knows you and what you are capable of. The more you connect people to people, the more assets you posses. Unlike the old asset theory where the more you gave it away, the more it depreciated. Why does Demi Moore get paid lots of money to push a product or promote a cause? She knows people who know people and the more she “hooks” more people with causes, the more leverage and assets she receives! Ever had a problem and you knew a guy who knew a guy who could eradicate your precise problem? How valuable was that person? If he was to charge(most don’t) how much would you be willing to pay for that connection. Ever met someone who knows people? How “buttery”do you get when in their vicinity? They know people! You don’t know when they may come in handy but you feel it’s always good to have their contacts and build rapport with them!
  2. Precise Information. In 2007 there was over whelming intel that the stock markets( the top 5 companies influencing the markets) were practising pseudo economics by defying the basic principles of investing. Yet if we could have taken action, maybe we wouldn’t have been affected this much. So Why didn’t we take action? Research now shows that there is a correlation between too much information and action. During the great depression we complained that there was insufficient information to make a decision, yet in 2007/2008 we had too much information yet no action was taken until the markets collapsed. So what we need to take action is not too much or too little information. We need just enough! We need precise well packaged information that will lead us to take action. If you were to even “google” for information on any subject, you wouldn’t know where to start because of the overwhelming results. Now if you can package a step by step solution that can deliver results, that would be an asset that could be transformed to money using your connections from 1.

Happy Monday and build on one then two!

Lee Kariuki


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