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If You Read This To The End, Then You Definitely Don’t Have The Syndrome!

Posted on: July 9, 2011

Institute of Mental Health 8, Nov 06

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In “layman” terms, it is called attention-deficit/ hyperactivity syndrome and it is the condition whereby as more and more activities are demanded by us, the less quality work we accomplish and eventually even less is delivered. Here are some of the symptoms:-

  1. Skimming through articles (including this one)
  2. Multitasking and actually being proud of it.
  3. Pushing the “door close” button in the elevator
  4. Hooting at elderly slower drivers
  5. Removing food from the microwave before the warming time you set…
  6. Placing extremely hot food in the freezer!
  7. and this should be number 1……submitting insubstantial(quality) work that “refracts” your true abilities just to beat the deadline.

This problem unlike the ADD (attention deficit disorder) which is genetically acquired, is harnessed as a result of exposure to conventions, personal desires,our environment and on top of it all, THE EGO. It is costing billions of dollars mostly in productivity and on the job accidents. Here are some recommended steps to cure it.

  1. BIG FAT STOP. Why do you feel the need to react to everything that approaches you? The phone,the email a knock on the door, a Facebook post? If it didn’t occur to you, not every problem that is presented to you needs your attention. I listened to Eben Pagan’s recording the other day and he was talking about going on a “commitment” diet for at least a week. Just by default say NO to almost every request and see what happens. This will force requests that are not important to stop approaching you “refract” so that way you can concentrate on what matters! Next, choose (at least the night before) what you would love to do the next day and start preparing! Start reciting this statement and bench press it in your mind at least 30 reps a day till you habituate it! “WHAT WOULDIF BE THE ONE THING THAT IF I ACCOMPLISHED TODAY, MY ENTIRE DAY WOULD BE PRODUCTIVE? ?”
  2. Get up and do some exercise. Run or walk or swim! That forces your brain to produce endorphins which are analgesic and bring about a feeling of well being. To concentrate you need energy.
  3. Watch your diet. Eat food rich in omega 3(Fish etc) and antioxidants.
  4. Assign 30 minutes to an hour preferably every morning to just sit and listen to your heartbeat! This causes consciousness.

After all, it is an acquired habit! Meaning it can be curbed or stopped altogether. For further information, read more on this from Edward D Hallowell in his book “Overloaded Circuits: Why smart people Underperform”


Lee Kariuki

Redefine Work


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