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Posted on: July 8, 2011

#1 is a challenge,#1 is motivation,#1 is achievement! People might remember who came in number two. They might even remember who number three was, but everyone remembers number 1!

Who was the first person to invent the plane, The Wright Brothers, the phone Alexander Graham Bell( even though Tesla discovered it Bell monetized on it!) Now it does feel like getting a number 1 today is going to be almost impossible as all the spots seem to be taken! Seems is more like it because when you open your eyes there a million if not a gazillion #1 spots ready to be claimed by the red eyed entrpreneurs.

You don’t have to be # 1 in a complete new invention(if you can please, you have my full permission and support) but if not we can work on a new strategy that is hitting the masses! This strategy i like to call the “Short Circuit” strategy kind of like the way electrons like to take the shortest route! All you have to do is mirror someone’s successful invention, change one little thing that could add value to the entire product or service as a whole then find a category that you can use the number 1 or first to brand it under! Ok here is an example, Dominos Pizza, the 2nd largest pizza chain in the US was not the first pizza store nor where they the best pizza store, BUT here is where they really cashed in, they were the first national pizza delivery chain in 30 minutes or less and that is where they “killed it”

Everyone loves first,number 1,uno, moja,wahed…… get the picture! So if you can find an already existing product, coin something unique or interesting that has an added overall value and promote the category as being number 1, you should be in good books!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lee Kariuki


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