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The TownHall TweetUp Meeting

Posted on: July 6, 2011

the 44th President of the United States...Bara...

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It started out with President Obama first acknowledging that he did not think the economy’s problem was this humongous and then second he wanted to apologize for setting such high expectations to solving the socio economic problems we experienced during and after his campaign which i thought was pretty noble. Integrity doesn’t only mean that if you say your going to do something you do it, but after you encounter an obstacle and you’re incapable of accomplishing the promise made, then admit it!

So 27% of the tweet ups were about Jobs and the economy. 6% on housing and a good percent (it passed me) on education! It is a very sensitive issue as there are 14 million unemployed people in this country alone! So the most pressing question was where are the jobs and 2nd how is the United States going to create jobs? His response was most jobs are being lost first by lack of circulation of money. When money is not in circulation, jobs are lost. I will briefly summarize the minutes of the meeting!


  1. Give money to small business administration (SBA) to take over where community banks were. Community banks were responsible for providing funding to the local business despite them being heavily controlled by the big banks and as most big banks got affected by the recession, the problem trickled down to community banks and now small businesses are feeling the heat.
  2. Invest in alternative energy. The country has 2-3% of the world’s oil reserves yet one of the largest consumer of the world’s oil. (25%)
  3. Heavily educated foreigners should be given visa’s to stay and start businesses that will create jobs rather than go back to the country’s of origin and start competing businesses with the education acquired.
  4. Cut taxes for the low and middle-income earners but increase taxes for the high income bracket.
  5. Invest in technology and knowledge to create the next “ipad or ipod” and still have the products manufactured here.


  1. Cost of education is going up so there has been cuts not to exceed 10% of the total amount owed in student loans by the year 2013. This i supposed to make it conducive for more people to attend school.
  2. Investing in Science Engineering and Math. Currently US is ranked at #25 in the world.
  3. Schools should find a way of cutting costs to cut the cost of education by reducing the quality of the food in the cafeteria or cutting down on say the extra curriculum activities.
  4. Investing in community colleges such that more and more people can attend college even after graduation to brush up on new skills and technology or change careers.

In my opinion, the plans and intentions to create more jobs and better education,( i believe there is a huge correlation between the two) are very encouraging. Though(maybe because of the limited time or because it was twitter tweetup (140 characters)) i feel like i missed out on the exact execution plan. In any project or plan one undertakes there’s always the definition of the problem which is the first part, then what needs to be done, which is the 2nd part then finally how is it going to be done. We still have a huge challenge ahead of us from education, to unemployment to housing to health, BUT, we can not entirely depend on government especially when the government is overwhelmed with a thousand other issues! By the way this is not politics or “point the finger at you” game! It is simply doing what matters! Government doesn’t have all the answers and neither do we, BUT together we can arrive to a meaningful consensus about how we can cut or altogether eradicate some of these socio-economic problems! Finally,you can’t expect an employed person to solve your unemployed dilemma! Take responsibility, then take action.

Lee Kariuki


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