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3 Techniques To Get Connected

Posted on: June 27, 2011

Lately social media has been the main buzz for every business strategy. Businesses want to be on Facebook and LinkedIn and YouTube and “I’m getting finger muscle pulls here” but you get the picture! Most businesses will throw some stuff on Facebook and say 3 Hail Mary‘s waiting for a response and I can almost guarantee you that strategy doesn’t work too well. Have you received invites about this party happening this coming weekend and where everyone will be hanging out or buy this pair of shoes or even get these high heels (which was odd because I don’t even wear heels leave alone the high ones) yet someone was religiously marketing them to me and even threw a follow up as to why i hadn’t responded! Anyway here are three short quick techniques you can apply to get more response and more respect.

  1. If you’re going to use social media, do it consistently! Nothing like someone coming up from Beirut( boondocks),unheard been hiding in the gutter, trying to convince you to show up for his party where he is the promoter( By the way he claims it will be the best though we already know he is receiving compensation for his efforts!)!  Question is where have you been and whats the emergency especially when you didn’t reply the last email i sent you! I would say try posting at least 3 times a day, morning, noon and evening or if you feel uncomfortable with that frequency, once a day is also fine! It shows your passionate about what you do and you’re not just trying to take advantage of our friendship! You have been “prepping me for the kill” and i will at least give you consistency and commitment!( This is important because just like courting, people would love to make a commitment based on the level of seriousness  you protray!)
  2. How would you feel getting 20 emails on the same day about a party happening in a city/country that you’re not even in? That’s all good but how is it helping me? So the technique i am talking about here is relevancy! Post something that will get the greatest targeted response. Let’s say you’re business is in cooking! Then talk about cooking everyday and give tips or information that will help someone prepare a better meal. It doesn’t even have to be content you create! Make your page become a mini blog where people interested in cooking stop by every morning to see what you have posted on the subject field you claim to be passionate about! The more specific you are, the better. Now even with this technique it will be hard to get down to the specific needs of everyone on your team, so the ones that have a problem will simply delete you and that’s a good thing! (Facebook uses an algorithm that compares the number of friends vs the number of interactions(people that read your post) and determines which of your posts appear on whose news feed! So it’s actually a ratio between friends you have versus friends that interact with your posts and the higher the number, the more your posts are posted on people’s news feeds)
  3. The final technique, get to know the gate keeper! The gate keeper is the guy that knows your greatest prospect on an intimate level! The guy or girl, because of his position has the “FBI” files on your prospect! He or she is the most influential person in your market but is never the obvious choice because they are always behind the scenes! For example it could be the administrative admin for the CEO of the company you want to work with! It could be the publicist of the celebrity you’re trying to do business with or their hair dresser or the stylist or the chef! They are never the obvious selection but they could put you in touch with the “obvious” selection! Be-friend by giving them top notch material that will benefit their boss and get them excited about talking to their boss about you and that is always a wonderful thing!

Getting connected is not that difficult if you really think about it! The easiest way i approach it is to think of connections as an individual i am trying to court for a long term relationship! You don’t just ask for “child support” before you even attend the first date! That would be a serious deal breaker!

Enjoy Your Monday!

Lee Kiratu Kariuki


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